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DiRT 5 on Xbox Series X has a new trailer, showing visual improvements

DiRT 5 on Xbox Series X has a new trailer

Codemasters has released a new trailer showing off DiRT 5 on Xbox Series X. The developer is touting all the improvements the new platform will allow them to implement. For real, it looks like DiRT 5 will be on a leading lap when it comes to features during the next console generation.

If you’re on the Xbox One when you buy the game, and upgrade later, Xbox’s Smart Delivery has your back. This means you’ll get a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X version from the Xbox One port. The new hardware will also support much better load times and higher resolutions. That’s the new SSD and AMD-based APU architecture at work. This hardware will enable three different graphical modes for the racing game. The best target will be 4K with 60 FPS delivery. There will also be a mode for variable resolution at 60 FPS. The final graphics mode offers 120 FPS while removing some more intensive effects for high refresh rate displays.

Codemasters has yet to release further details on other next-gen versions. They have however released trailers for the racing title showing various courses in action. There was a trailer for races in Italy for example. Players will get to take on various new modes, including a new RallyCross addition that combines road racing with muddy Rally racing quite well.

As for what to expect for the PS5 and XSX releases, Codemasters promises more info on that release “very, very soon”.

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You can see the new trailer for DiRT 5 on Xbox Series X down below. DiRT 5 will come to PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on November 6 and on Xbox Series X on November 10.

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