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EVE Online announces more login events, Invasion Chapter 2

EVE Online Invasion Trailer

The holiday season is revving up all over the globe, and space seems to be no exception. That’s due to a new announcement from CCP that has plans for the months of November and beyond. Invasion Chapter 2 will bring a ton of new content and some patches, but also some free gifts.

The biggest news is that EVE Online will once again play host to login events. These events seek to reward Alpha and Omega players ahead of Black Friday, by giving them some more free gifts. The company previously unleashed a very similar event for Halloween, and now they’re turning the Skill Point faucet once again. The new giveaways will run from November 27th to December 4th, with hundreds of thousands of Skill Points and other gifts on offer.

CCP has also announced a new Triglavian Collective event is coming to EVE Online. These enigmatic wanderers have been openly hostile to Drifters in recent months, but recently turned their full attention to Capsuleers, fueling speculation that a war looms. But now CCP is throwing an extra wrench into the works with some new PvP events. Players in New Eden will be able to choose a side, fighting for either the major NPC Empires or the mysterious Triglavian Collective. The event actually has multiple paths based on which side you choose. Head out on November 26th and look for the Stellar Observatory Flashpoints to kick the quest off.

We don’t know exactly what this entails, but CCP is looking for a bit of a moonshot, based on statements:

EVE has always been about actions having lasting and meaningful consequences, and with EVE Online: Invasion our goal has been to provide a universe-changing event for our community to experience in familiar space,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Chapter 2 will double down on that promise, with some really exciting and impactful features!”

The previous outing of the Invasion event was received with mix reactions from the players. Some players enjoyed being able to interfere with the Triglavian Collective, while many more hated other changes that the developer made. Most controversial of all of these was the thematic choice to block out instant chat readouts in NullSec space. This change meant that players had to be more active in NullSec. It did have the positive effect

But more passive players, referred to derogatorily as “Nullbears” in a childish portmanteau of NullSec and Carebear, really hated the change. Players stopped logging in by the thousands, and user numbers dropped. CCP eventually undid the change and numbers seemed to recover. The recent launch of a localized Korean client probably also helped buoy peak user counts. Whether or not CCP will bring out other drastic changes like this is unknown, and it’s pushing many players into the realm of suspicion.

This upcoming patch round will also push out some balance adjustments too. Minmatar ships like the Tempest Fleet Issue and Stabber Fleet Issue will be getting some tweaks to their hull bonuses. These ships will be getting more DPS. The Typhoon and Bellicose hulls will also be getting a buff to missile bonuses. One nerf is handed to the Muninn, as these are very popular doctrines at the moment, and CCP is giving it some tough love. And in terms of gear, Medium Autocannons are getting some damage buffs.

EVE Online: Invasion Chapter 2 will be released on Tuesday 26 November and will be free to download for all players of EVE Online.

Source: CCP

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