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Left Alive new combat gameplay footage

Left Alive

Square Enix has unveiled a new bit of gameplay footage for their upcoming shooter, Left Alive. Left Alive gets to show off its shooting and survival mechanics in-game with this new footage, so if you’re interested in this new title, it would behoove you to check this out. There’s plenty of details and character backstory buried in the new footage, so let’s take a look.

We see Leonid, Mikhail and Olga throughout the course of the trailer, each with their own setup and challenges being shown off. The first bit of gameplay we see showcases the backstory for Leonid and his ultimate betrayal by his comrades. These same Novoslava liberation front members are trying to fight back against the invading forces of the Garmoniya army. It’s this oppressive army which Olga serves with for a time, although things go south pretty quickly. Mikhail ends up being the one piloting the Wanzer, the mech section for this gameplay preview.

In terms of actual gameplay, it’s a survival action shooter, so there’s plenty of shooting and some inventory management. The stealth mechanics look pretty simple, but nonetheless important to survival as you’ll be facing superior forces who are better equipped than you. There’s also some teases of the crafting system in Left Alive.

We’ve also included some more gameplay footage down below that shows one of the primary characters in action. Left Alive releases on PC and PS4 in the west on March 5th after dropping in Japan on February 28th.

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