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When does Nightwave Season 3 “Glassmaker” start in Warframe?

Nightwave Season 3 “Glassmaker”

Finally, after weeks passed on its initial expiration, Nightwave Intermission II has come to an end in Warframe. Now players are looking forward to the continuation of the ongoing story. Digital Extremes has yet to announce an official release date, but fans remain hopeful. Season 3 of the ongoing expansion will add new story elements and missions, and give players more insight into the brewing conflict.

The new season has been branded as Nightwave Season 3 “Glassmaker” and will be releasing soon, according to most suspicions in the community. The original release of the content was delayed a few weeks due to the ongoing disruption of COVID-19. Digital Extremes, like pretty much every other gaming company across the globe, have had to tackle the issue head-on. The company opted to delay the end of Nightwaves Intermission II to give them more time to adjust to remote work and get the new content ready for release.

As for when Digital Extremes will release Glassmaker, it’s unknown. Most players suspect that it will be out before the end of May though.

So what does Nightwave Season 3 “Glassmaker” entail? DE has been pretty coy, but has shared some details. The new season will involve some kind of murder mystery as players hunt down a killer attempting to disrupt the flow of events in previous Nightwave seasons. Someone has been using ancient Orokin technology to kill various targets, turning them to glass. Players will encounter these victims through a new string of interactive cutscenes.

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Nightwave Season 3 “Glassmaker” could be the testing ground for a pretty big new change of the way Warframe tells stories. Players will be interacting with the murder scene and looking for clues, trying to piece together the identity of the killer through various missions. The impact this will have on gameplay is still pretty vague, as Digital Extremes keeps a lot of details hidden to avoid spoilers and other issues.

Players will once again be completing tasks for Nora Night as they play the game, and just like in Intermission II, there will be a unique offering of rewards, spread out across 30 different Ranks, to collect. So expect a lot more Standing and rewards grinding in addition to basically turning into a space ninja version of Dexter.

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