Console Commands Not Working in Valheim, Here’s How to Fix Them


It used to be very easy to cheat in Valheim. The console commands for the game allowed for a ton of different cheats like item spawning and more. This made the Viking adventure a bit too easy for some folks, but some gamers have their fun by messing with the game in unexpected ways. The newest patch for the game has disabled Valheim Console Commands by default, so it takes a bit more work to get them enabled in-game.

How to enable console commands in patched Valheim

Valheim‘s latest patch has altered the process for enabling console commands, as well as the command to activate them. The developers have also included a warning about these commands having the potential to break your server. So use them with caution.

  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Valheim
  3. Click on Properties
  4. Find the Launch Options field in the General tab
  5. Enter “-console” in the Launch Options box

Now you can enable console commands when you launch the game, here’s how. You just hop into the game and press F5 to enable the console itself. You then need to type devcommands into the console. That will then add the ability to type in commands as normal and have their effects apply to your server instance. Go have some fun. Once that’s done, you should take a look at our old console commands guide for more details on what fun you can get up to with these cheats.

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