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Microsoft drops #2Spooky games onto Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass 2Spooky

A batch of hauntingly good games is headed for Xbox Game Pass today as Microsoft gears up for the spooky season.

ObserverHello NeighborDead Island: Riptide, and Outlast are all coming to the service, in addition to the dozens of games already on the subscription games options for Xbox One owners.

Dead Island: Riptide DE

Dead Island: Riptide returns players to the Banoi Archipelago for a new trip into madness and bloodshed. Pick up with a new story and some interesting characters in a desperate attempt at escape. As you fight for survival against the zombie apocalypse, you uncover more secrets about how this horrifying ordeal got started. You get access to all of the content released so far in this version as well. So don’t worry about missing out on any DLC or story bits. Just don’t mind that they’re covered in gore. (Not available in Germany)


Outlast puts the player into the increasingly insane Mount Massive asylum. The player takes control of Miles Upshur, an independent journalist, whose on the hunt for clues about what’s really going on. The anonymous tip that led you here turns into a waking nightmare as you have to navigate labyrinthine hallways while dodging all manner of murderous psychos. Outlast is a first-person survival horror game that has become a masterclass in storytelling under tension.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is much more than it seems. You’re involved in a training project for an advanced AI that sees the player having to uncover what seem like increasingly dark secrets of your “neighbor”. There’s a fair bit of mind-bending going on here, and the sandbox gameplay that hinges around environmental interaction adds to the ambiance.

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>observer_ puts players at the increasingly uncomfortable cross-section of society that exists between sociability, technology and culture, forcing us to confront the horrifying nature of our evolving landscape in entirely new ways. The game takes place in a cyberpunk version of Poland in 2084 where much of the world around us has morphed into a mess of rundown screens, ads and desperation. The game features a unique storytelling mechanic with psychic powers to tell a crime-based mystery. Well worth a look.

Wolfenstein: The New OrderMetro ReduxSplit/Second and Forza Horizon 4 all hit the service this month. This marks one of the better showings for the service, so October may well be a great time to hop on board.

Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 a month to subscribe and you get access to more than 100 games across all genres. You can test out a 14-day free trial over here.

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