On Your Laurels quest guide – Destiny 2

How Guardian Game Medals work in Destiny 2

With the first week of the new Guardian Games in Destiny 2, Bungie has dropped in a bunch of new goals for players to complete. The first step for getting going in the Guardian Games in Destiny 2 is to stop over at Eva inside the Tower and make your choice for your Class of Guardian within the event. From this point on, it’s time to start earning points by collecting Medals and Laurels. In fact, the first weekly quest is all about them.

Each week Bungie will also introduce a variety of weekly and daily quests, as well as bounties, that offer various rewards for completing certain tasks. Players who complete the On Your Laurels quest will earn a class-specific Exotic Ghost. Expect more than this though, as this is just the first week. Also expect a bunch of different rewards to show up in addition to the quests.

The On Your Laurels quest is all about collecting and turning in these Laurels. Laurels must be picked up during the match as drops, as any that remain on the map after the match ends will be lost. At the end of the game points for your chosen class are awarded based on the number of Laurels turned in.

The way to generate Laurel drops is pretty simple, just kill an enemy with any of the supers, grenades, and charged melee attacks. The Laurel drops are worth 1 point if you pick up and turn in one generated by another player, but you get 3 points for turning in your own drops.

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Arguably the best spot to quickly farm this up right now is at Seraph Tower Public Events on EDZ, the Moon, and Io, since these have a good variety of enemies and any decent players will be able to find targets to take down. Generating Orbs is the key during these farming runs, so focus on weakening groups first and then taking several out at once with a Super or grenade.

To fulfill the quest, you need to generate and turn in 400 points worth of Laurels and return to Eva. When you do, you will earn a couple of unique rewards. With the new Exotic Ghost Shell, players will have access to the Guiding Light and Speed Demon perks. These perks will speed up your reloads and spawn time on your Sparrow.

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