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Where to find Oranges in New World

Where to get Sugar in New World

New World is a very competitive and complex game. This new game is a huge world with many different zones within it. Within those zones are tons of hidden treasures to find and things to do. As you explore around the map and find the various points of interest, you can unlock a ton of different resources.

There are many different items you can make and cook in New World. Amazon’s new game is all about crafting. One of the core elements in both cooking and alchemy is herbs in the game. You will need to gather herbs and other supplies to make more of these potions. You can also use them to make more powerful potions for higher-level content.

If you don’t want to waste all that time gathering. But if you’re trying to speed things up, we have a few ways to help. If you want a fast way to find any resource, use the New World map that the community has put together. If you want to know without having to fiddle with it, keep reading. If you’re hunting for Motes, we have a guide on that too. There’s also a guide for finding Petrified Wood if you’re having trouble there. If you’re having trouble carrying all this, try expanding your inventory space.

When hunting vegetables and other cooking supplies like Oranges in New World, you need to know where to look. Some fruits will spawn on trees and bushes, but not all of them. There are three tiers of Provision Crates, with the T3 variants being the rarest, with the best drops. So where do we find them?

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Oranges will only drop from three regions in New World: Cutlass Keys, Edengrove, and Mourningdale. One option for new folks is to hit up the few T3 Crates found just outside of Windsward’s Town. These crates are all over the map, you can find a full collection of maps that lay out the different locations of Provision Crates in many different regions, just click the image to see a map laying the spawns out.

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