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Is Gear Tactics coming to the Xbox game pass?

Gears Tactics Launch Trailer

The fusion of Gears of War‘s blooding action and XCOM-style strategy games, Gears Tactics,  is coming soon. The new game launches on April 28, and folks are wondering about a few different questions surrounding the release of the game, namely what platforms it will come to.

The growth of Xbox Game Pass and other similar on-demand gaming services has been the big surprise for 2020, with other services like PlayStation Now gaining steam too as gamers push further into digital distribution methods for their games. And the idea of having to pay only one monthly fee to access hundreds of video games both new and classic, on both PC and Xbox One, is an extremely good deal. Sea of Thieves, Gears 5, Bleeding Edge, The Outer Worlds, Astroneer, and many more games have been seen on Xbox Game Pass. And it seems like a natural expansion to include Gears Tactics on the service as well. While it’s not a huge AAA release like a new sequel for the franchise, Microsoft still wants the spin-off to find success. So will Gears Tactics also be available on Game Pass?

For starters, yes Gears Tactics will be released as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC, meaning it will be on Windows 10 as part of the service, for just one monthly fee. This suggests that Gears Tactics will also be available on Xbox One at some point, but certainly not when it first launches on April 28. Keep in mind that if you remove your subscription you will lose access to these games. Although the added upside of Game Pass Ultimate, which blends Xbox Live Gold with the service. Also, you get discounts on the full versions of games via the Xbox store as a member of Game Pass. So the sub will eventually pay for itself. But, as long as you have access to the subscription, you will get access to the new sequel and many more games on both Xbox One and PC.

Gears Tactics will be Gears of Wars first foray into the strategy genre, blending the squad commanding elements of the XCOM franchise to the incredibly brutal and gory combat of the legendary Microsoft shooter. Players will be taking on a new band of heroes as they wage war against the invading hordes of mutants that have attacked Earth. Players will need to use a variety of tactics and strategic thinking to win the day.

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