How to level up Skinning Trade Skill in New World

New World

New World is the new MMO from Amazon Game Studios. It offers a full-loot PvP environment with unforgiving combat and realism. Players can get into many different professions and craft a ton of unique items to help engage in the war effort. Build impressive armor and weapons with your best skills. Skinning in New World is one of many different trade skills in the game.

Skinning is one of the basic Trade Skills that you’ll learn in New World. It’s very important, as it not only helps you acquire materials for both crafting and cooking. You need the skins and meat for various recipes and tools. When you first start out, things will be much simple, so it’s pretty easy to learn the ropes. First things first, you need to make a tool.

The first tool you will need to make is a Flint Skinning Knife. This basic tool can be made from 1x Flint and 1x Green Wood. This can be made at the basic campfire, or any other starting crafting station.

Guide to Skinning in New World

You will notice that this basic tool has a +100% Gather Speed modifier. Every item in the game is determined in rarity and complexity by its Gear Score. The higher the Gear Score, the more effective the weapon or tool is. A base level of 100 GS will result in the base level of things like gathering speed being applied to an action. That’s the class the Flint Skinning Knife belongs to. As you unlock more recipes, you will need to craft more complex tools with rarer materials.

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With these tools in hand, you can go gather many materials, like pork and rawhide from the boars in the game. Use those to start making leather and basic cooking recipes. You’re now on your way to mastering Skinning in New World, and many other skills.

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