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PUBG stops personal item trading to put an end to RMT

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds

Real-money trading of items in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is just as big an issue as cheating. Where cheaters are being arrested for using hacks to deliver malware, the game economy is being disabled to prevent people paying to win by buying high-end or rare items.

According to the most recent announcement from PUBG Corp, Personal Trading will be temporarily disabled in the popular Battle Royale game. This means that the only remaining way to engage in trading within PUBG is to take advantage of the Steam Marketplace and trade items in a similar manner to Steam Trading Cards.

When trading is done on the Steam marketplace, a percentage of the sale is given to the game PUBG Corp. The money also goes into the Steam wallet, to be used on other Steam products, keeping it in the ecosystem.

Blue Hole and PUBG Corp are working on ways to bring a better solution to the mix. PUBG Corp. has said that they will turn personal trading back on once they “figure out a way to prevent abuse” from using third party sites. The developer wants to try and prevent monetary value from influencing people to remove PUBG items from beyond their control.

Hi everyone,

Starting today, we’re going to temporarily turn off access to “personal trades” for all PUBG items.

Some context: Normally, players can trade items using either the “Market trade” or “Personal trade” features. “Market trade” lets you sell items through the Steam market system. “Personal trade’” is supposed to allow friends to trade items without any costs attached.

Recently, though, we’ve seen a few cases of players using the personal trade function to sell items using third party sites. This is essentially an abuse of the system. To prevent this, we’re temporarily turning off personal trades while we search for a better solution. Once we figure out a way to prevent abuse, the restriction will be lifted.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you understand!

PUBG Corp.

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