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GTA Online update expands Arena War Creator

Arena War Creator Update Live in GTA Online

GTA Online has another new content update this week, adding new races, items and other fun content to this huge online game. GTA V is already a massive game, and the online component has been expanded and reworked with an absolute ton of new content like missions, purchasable weapons and vehicles, and a ton of new game modes and playlists. But now, the game is going smaller, in a manner of speaking.

The new RC Bandito Races are live in GTA Online as of now. These 15 new mini-races allow players to blitz around various prepared tracks scattered throughout Los Santos. These new RC tracks include locations like Fort Zancudo, Paleto Forest and Vespucci Pier, and force players to get tricky with tons of jumps and stunt sections.

Players can earn double RP and GTA$ by completing these races this week too. Speaking of increased rewards, Freemode Business Battles will also earn you a chance at crates featuring unique Radio and Vehicle manufacturer tees and GTA$50,000.  Other game modes had their rewards expanded too. Contact Missions, Rockstar Stunt Races and Hunting Pack (Remix) all grant double bonuses for people that partake.

If you need things to spend all that GTA$ on, there’s a whole load of discounts on in-game property, vehicles and their modifications and so much more.

Here’s the full list:

Arena Workshops – 30% off
Arena Mechanic – 30% off
Arena Scarab – 30% off
Arena Imperator – 30% off
Arena Brutus – 30% off
Arena Vehicle Weapons – 30% off
Arena Vehicle Armor Plating – 30% off
Arena Vehicle Vertical Jump – 30% off
Arena Boosts – 30% off
Arena Bodyworks – Blades, Spikes & Rollcages – 30% off

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Offices – 30% off
Special Cargo Warehouses – 30% off
Nightclubs – 30% off
Hangars – 30% off
Bunkers – 30% off

Mobile Operations Center – 30% off
Mammoth Avenger – 30% off
Elegy Retro Custom upgrade – 35% off
Pegassi Tempesta – 35% off
Överflöd Entity XXR – 35% off
Brakes & Handling (land and aircraft) – 30% off
Hoods – 30% off
Neons – 30% off
Spoilers – 30% off
Skirts – 30% off
Turbo – 30% off
Bullet Proof Tires – 30% off

The other major update to GTA Online this week introduces the new Arena War Creator. This new mode allows a ton of customization of new and existing maps in the Arena pool. This covers both the Arena Races and Arena Vehicle Deathmatches, and you’re allowed to use any of the Future Shock, Apocalypse and Nightmare vehicles in these maps.

Within this suite of options, players can place props, lighting sources and effects, and plenty of dastardly traps to screw with your friends. It’s a ton of destructive fun.

Source: Rockstar Newswire

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