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Blizzard looks back on 20 years of Diablo


With the 17th season of Diablo III content in-progress, Blizzard wants to bring players back to the long-running RPG. Part of their plan here is to introduce a new testing and patching methodology to give players a bit more notice about future changes. The patch notes for future updates will be published a week ahead, with the following week seeing a much more condensed and intense testing period on the PTR itself. Blizzard will use this condensed PTR format going forward.

Another aspect is that more frequent updates and better collaboration are being built into the development process to keep players more in the loop on the game. This all should combine to create a situation where players are more aware of what’s going on, and how Blizzard plans to improve the game over time.

The big plan right now is that Blizzard is working on crafting additional Themed Seasons for all classes. Each of these updates will include full item sets for all classes, although possible spread over multiple seasons. Some occasional gameplay system updates and quality-of-life improvements are also on the table as well. Overall, the goal here is to improve the entirety of the Season content in a variety of ways, by both improving old content and bringing in new stuff.

Those interested can check out the full video down below. What do you think of Blizzard’s plans? Let us know in the comments. If you want to see more of their plans, check out the official post on the subject.

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