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Google promises to fix Stadia mess

Google Stadia

Ever since Google launched Stadia, there have been issues. The streaming-based gaming service was hyped up ahead of launch but faltered quickly. The loss of steam came quickly when Google announced pricing info ahead of launch. Google Stadia Pro was regarded by many as a terrible deal. The monthly fee for a handful of free games, that you don’t even technically own, was not all that exciting.

The number of problems just seemed to keep growing. The slim number of launch titles was rapidly expanded to 22 days ahead of the full launch, leading some to question the commitment Google has to the project. Then when you consider the documented lag and overheating issues, Google had more than enough negative press. Throwing into that mix that Stadia was lacking in key features right out of the gate, things just looked terrible.

Google has now promised to turn things around. The company has already said that they will be releasing a ton of new titles to the service. As of now, 120 titles are slated for release to Google Stadia. And it’s going to need those new games because it seems people who already paid in are a lot less excited than initially hoped. Player numbers for Destiny 2 on the cloud gaming system have dropped off of a cliff.

As part of this revival effort, Google will “work closely with our publishing and developing partners” to create more stable and compelling gaming experiences for the service.

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