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Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes (October 2021)

All Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes

Roblox Ghost Simulator is a game that has a very simple title, but a very spooky gameplay loop. Players must go around and collect Ectoplasm and Gems through various means. Your primary way to gather these is through grabbing ghosts. Get your backpack and other equipment upgraded so you can capture more ghosts. The more spooky pals you vacuum up, the more rewards you get. You will also be assigned quests and get random drops that can be their own additional rewards. It’s a very fun game, and these codes make the grind easier. You can get pets, as well as raw currency rewards, all of which make it easier to afford upgrades.

These codes are different from normal Roblox promo codes, so you will need to pay attention to how you redeem them. Each game may have its own process for redemption, which you need to follow. Check down below for the process to claim your codes. It’s very easy, you often just have to claim codes via the chatbox, or a special function. Check the directions below for more details. You should also check back at our massive list of Roblox Game Codes for more awesome codes for other titles.

The codes have been tested with the most recent version of the game, but sometimes we mess up. If a code doesn’t work, let us know in the comments. We will remove any invalid codes and place them in the proper list. You need to enter codes correctly, often as they appear below, in order to claim the prize. And no, you can’t claim codes more than once.

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes (Valid)

These Roblox Ghost Simulator codes are active and can be used for their rewards:

  • BOOSTED: Boosted Lucky Gem
  • BACONRA1D: Stack O’ Bacon
  • EXCITE!: Excite
  • Sadge Pet: SADGE
  • Hoverboard: BOOST
  • 2 Boss Bait: 1STRANDO
  • Pug Pet: PUGSARECOOL (Must be in Bloxbyte Games Group)
  • Fallen Spirit: 2NDARC
  • Freedom: LIBERTY
  • Godly Pet: 2YEARS (Must be in BloxByte Games Group)
  • Gears & The End Hoverboard: THEEND (Must be in BloxByte Games Group)
  • The Cosmic Hand Pet: PLAY
  • One Year Bag (Contains Anniversary Pet and Hoverboard): 1YEAR (Must be in BloxByte Games Group)
  • Firefly Pet: FIREFLY
  • Dave Pet: SPAC3
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Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes (Invalid)

These Roblox Ghost Simulator codes have expired and will no longer grant rewards:

  • Jinshi Hoverboard: UWURACER
  • Sugardrop: REMNANT
  • Crate Key: S1LLYBUNNY
  • Purple Pegasus Pet: R1FT
  • Bloo Chonks: BOSSRAID
  • Snazzy Pegasus: SUMM3R
  • T-Duck Pet (NEW): SH0P
  • Lava Java Pet: TOYS
  • Free Starfly Pet: WINTER
  • Free Pet: 100M
  • 300 Snowflakes: JOLLY
  • Royal Kreepy Cat: EPILOGUE
  • 10 Soul Keys: SOUL
  • 350 Candy & Creepy Krepy Cat: HAUNTED
  • Shocker Pet: SHOCKER
  • Aqua Pegasus Skin: SEA
  • 1 Basic Zoom Gum: GUMGUM
  • Gumball Pet: Bubble
  • Sports King Pet: SQUAD
  • Bit Missile Hoverboard: BIT
  • Flop Hoverboard: JUNE
  • 1x Crate Key: CLASSIFIED
  • Vanity Hoverboard: VANITY
  • Firecracker Pet: HAPPY4TH
  • ButterBoy Pet: ITSCOMING
  • 1x Crate Key: LUCK
  • Leader One Pet: LEADER
  • 1x Crate Key: HOPHOP
  • Spring Pegasus Pet: EGGHUNT
  • Grid Hoverboard: V1RTU4L
  • 1x Crate Key: CHANCE
  • Lucky Boy Pet: PATTY
  • Victory Pet: JOURNAL
  • Dr. Dice Pet: JOV3N
  • Giggles Pet: HEART
  • Trippy Pet: SPIRAL
  • Tri-Jet Hoverboard: JET
  • 1x Crate Key: TRAINER

How to Redeem Codes

to redeem your codes in Ghost Simulator. Look to the left of the screen for the blue Twitter icon that is on the side of the UI by your currency totals. Click the Twitter button to bring up the code menu. Click on the area that says “Enter a Code” and enter a valid code from the list above. CLick Redeem to confirm the entry and get your reward, repeat this for each code.

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