How to complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife

The new weekly challenge is live right now in BitLife. The big goal with this challenge is to be smart and very pretty. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, as long as you keep your stats up. Take good care of yourself and you can complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife. Here are some helpful steps to speed things up.

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How to complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife

The task this week is a pretty simple one. You need to get certain jobs to get this done, but there are ways to speed the process up. These are all of the tasks you need to do to complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge.

The primary concern is keeping your character’s stats up during your school years. Study hard, play sports, and participate in various activities to ensure your stats all stay as high as possible.

Getting 100% in both Looks and Smarts is a process, it’s not too hard though. You first have two options. You can either use the God Mode addon to force spawn a character with 100% in these stats, or you can grind it out. If you’re not paying for the upgrade, you’re stuck with the latter option. 100% Looks and Smarts is a combination of activities that you need to do all the time. Every time you age up, go to the Library or Gym. Also, go on a diet. Be sure to visit the doctor each year to keep on top of any health issues.

You can also go on walks, do Martial Arts and more. You will find all these options in the Mind & Body section of the Activities menu, do them regularly. Some of these cost a bit of money, but it’s not too big of an issue. Reading books via the Activity menu will also help with the challenge. Frankenstein will randomly show up when you read a book. Just tap the screen until you finish it to get the step done. You may have to try multiple times in your digital life to get the book you want.

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Getting a Career

By putting the time in both academically and athletically, you can get into the good college program you need to be in. Get a Biology degree from your first University, then you want to head to medical school. Once you’ve completed college, you need to attend Medical School.  That won’t be easy unless you got good grades, so make sure to keep those Smarts up. When you keep aging up, make sure to put extra effort in via the School Menu. This will help you succeed.

The first career you should aim for is a model. You can find it in the Occupation tab. Just look for the Foot Model career in the occupation tab and apply. If you have good stats and are relatively young, you should get the job.

After you’ve finished, you can then apply for the Brain Surgery position via the Occupation menu. The jobs in this menu change with your degree, so keep that in mind. If you don’t get the job you want, reset the app and try again after you graduate. If you still can’t get it, try aging up before reloading the job hunt.

There, you’ve finished the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife.

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