Armorite Ore Farming Guide

How to get the EXP Charm in Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

You will need tons of Armorite Ore in the new Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC. Isle of Armor has a ton of new mechanics, and a bunch of new grinds to power through. Once you’ve gotten deeper into the story you will know what I’m talking about. The Ore is used to unlock some really powerful moves for your team, so you want to have plenty on hand. That means you’re going to be doing some Armorite Ore farming.

Players looking to unlock all of the Dojo Upgrades will want to get plenty of Watts as well, as you will need millions of them to unlock all upgrades.

So with that in mind, here’s a guide for all of the Digging Ma spawns in the game. Use this route to check each one quickly. You will need to check each spawn to find Digging Ma to get more Watts and Armorite Ore. The spawns change, but it only takes a few minutes to check each spawn location as a loop.

To make this process quicker, make sure you have the Bike completely upgraded. Trade Watts for the upgrades to the Bike at any Watts Trader. It’s also a good idea to switch to offline mode to avoid trades and other interrupting activities. With that done, let’s get into the guide.

The map below shows the approximate spawn locations (red dots for mainland, blue for islands). We will list each fast travel location below with a walkthrough of where to find Digging Ma in each area while doing this Armorite Ore farming loop. Just fast travel to each location and use the written guide. In most of these cases, you will be able to see her spade once you get close, so you normally don’t have to get right on top of her spawn to find her.

Armorite Ore Farming Guide

Mainland Digging Ma Spawns

  • Training Lowlands – Digging Ma can spawn just inside the cave at the spawn point.
  • Potbottom Desert – Digging Ma can also spawn at the back of this area by the rock outcropping. Head through the Training Lowlands cave to check here.
  • Tower of Darkness – There are two nearby Dens to check. One is right by the spawn point, the other is down the stairs and in the grass below the area. Look down and if Digging Ma has spawned, you be able to see here standing by the Den.
  • Fields of Honor – To the left of the spawn point, look by the tree near the edge of the grass.
  • Courageous Cavern – The entrance to this area is down the path and in the river tunnel, cross the bridge and turn around to see it. Head into the cavern and there will be a Den to the right of the path to check.
  • Forest of Focus – Fast travel back to the Fields of Honor and head right, through the Soothing Wetlands, she will be right by the entrance to this zone.
  • Brawlers Cave – Run around and check behind the pillar to see if she’s there.
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Island Digging Ma Spawns

  • Workout Sea By Brawler’s Cave – Head out of the Cave into the Workout Sea, there’s a small island with some trees dead ahead, she can spawn by those trees.
  • Workout Sea By Fields of Honor –  Fast travel to the station and head right along the edge of the water. Go out into the water, hugging the giant rock on your right. There’s a small patch of sand she will be standing on.
  • Tower of Waters/Challenge Beach – Head out into the Stepping Stone Sea to the right. Head directly to the island with the two trees on it. The backside of the Island has a Den where she can spawn. There’s another potential spawn on the smaller nearby island with a single tree on it. It’s to the right of the first potential spawn in the Insular Sea. There’s one final spawn to check to the left of the Tower of Waters fast travel spawn, out in the Honeycalm Sea.

And that’s it if you’re out doing your Armorite Ore farming and don’t find her by following the order above, fast travel back to the Training Lowlands and repeat.

If you’re looking for more tips for the new Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, we’ve got you. We have guides on how to get the EXP Charm. And for those competitive Trainers, learn how to get some great five-star Ditto for breeding too. You can also get Gigantamax forms of Squirtle or Bulbasaur as well. If you’re on the hunt for various Gen I spawns, head to the secret Brawler’s Cave for some nice spawns like Poliwrath and Lickitung.

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