How to do the Supply Run contract in Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone removes Most Wanted Contracts

The Supply Run contract in Call of Duty Warzone is a special addition that allows players to chase down a new goal to earn some reward. This mission type works a bit differently though. Instead of having to kill a certain target or find a supply drop, you need to go out and pick up some supplies. The mission will generate a massive discount for certain items in in-game stores, and you have to buy whatever items are on discount. Usually, this will be an easy way to get some ammo, weapons or other gear.

Head to the nearest Buy Station to handle the first bit of a Supply Run contract in Call of Duty Warzone. Once there, look through the shop inventory for the items you want most, you should see discounts attached to some items, and they will be very cheap. Be quick and grab what you need, and get out. Once the timer runs out, you and your squad can no longer use those discounts. And plus, people will still be shooting at you.

These missions offer a decent way to burn some excess cash as they give you plenty of things to do with said cash. These are a great way to resupply after you bring back a downed ally who needs new gear for example. And since you’re spending cash and not earning it, be careful. You don’t want to get caught in the trap of not having any cash on hand if you find another item you want after you finish the contract.

There is some strategy to using these contracts at the right time though. Popping a discount too early could mean you get worse gear than you would later in the game. You will likely want to wait a little bit and keep your Supply Run contracts in reserve. Wait until you have completed a couple more contracts and saved up some cash, then pop the discount.

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It could also be useful to be on the lookout for other teams doing a Supply Run contract. It could be a good time to spring an ambush and claim their newly bought gear in the vulnerable seconds while they’re re-arming. There is a small window of opportunity for players to be ambushed while swapping gear around. If you’re really good and have a solid team, trying to beat a rival team to a Buy Station can be useful for setting an ambush.

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