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The new weekly challenge is live right now in BitLife. The big goal with this challenge is to be smart and very pretty. It doesn’t matter what gender you are, as long as you keep your stats up. Take good care of yourself and you can complete the Brains and Beauty Challenge in BitLife.  One of the many steps involved in the challenge is to read Frankenstein in BitLife. Here’s what to do.

How to read Frankenstein in BitLife

Frankenstein in BitLife is one of many books you can read in the game. You won’t get the actual book, you just have to “read” it for this challenge. The classic and influential horror title is one of many books you get as a random outcome when you choose the Book option, which can be found in Mind & Body in the Activities tab.

The higher your Smarts stat is, the more likely you are to get longer books. Also, age has something to do with it. Kids tend to get shorter books, and you want to get the long and complex ones for this challenge. So just keep visiting the library and aging up until you’re a teen. Of course, you will also want to put plenty of effort in at school for the other aspects of the challenge.

When you pick the Book option, you get a dropdown, choose Frankenstein when you see it. Sometimes it won’t show up, just try again until you get it. But anyway, just keep reading until the Frankenstein book comes up. You just need to tap the pages to completion to get this step done. With that out of the way, do the rest of the challenge.

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