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How to kill the Aerolyst in Warframe

How to kill the Condrix in Warframe’s Operation Scarlet Spear

The Aerolyst is a Sentient mini-boss in the new Operation Scarlet Spear event in Warframe. The boss has very specific spawn triggers and is the roadblock for the final phase of the Condrix fight. Players in the Ground Assault portion of the raid will have to take down the Aerolyst in Warframe to be able to move on to the final stage of the main boss fight.

With the Aerolyst in Warframe, like many other challenging bosses, there’s a gimmick to the whole thing. The Aerolyst has a few different weak spots. It’s a giant robot, so it’s very heavily armored. The Aerolyst has several long legs, don’t waste time shooting those. Look up at the giant vials of blue goo on the midsection of the boss.

These four canisters can be shot with any weapon, but some damage types are better than others. The Aerolyst is a Sentient enemy and is made up of Robotic and Ferrite Armor materials. Corrosive, Puncture, Electrical and Radiation damage will all be effective against this enemy.

When the final phase of the mini-boss kicks off after a certain amount of damage, the Aerolyst in Warframe will spawn a shield to resist much of the incoming damage. This shield does not protect the four canisters. Destroying these canisters, there’s four in all, will enable the party to finish off the boss. Once you’ve done that, the fight with the Condrix will enter its final phase.

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Luckily since the Condrix shares some enemy types with the Aerolyst most damage types for both boss fights will work. Although with the Condrix, Viral, Toxin, and Slash damage work a bit better once you strip the armor off. Here’s how to kill the Condrix.

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