How to complete the Finding Nemo Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Finding Nemo Challenge in BitLife

The most recent BitLife challenge has wrapped. No longer are we joining the Mean Girls, instead, we’re doing something much more productive. We’re getting into something called the Finding Nemo Challenge in BitLife. It’s a bit of a strange one this week.

So here are all the details on how complete the Finding Nemo Challenge, including all the different steps you need to undertake. You won’t be a fish either, as that’s not possible in the mobile sim yet. Instead, you’re going to be taking the role of that dentist from much later in the film. After Marlin and Dori have swam all the way to Sydney, they end up in more misadventures in the fish tank at a dentist’s office.

How to complete the Finding Nemo Challenge in BitLife

  • Live in Sydney
  • Become a dentist
  • Release a goldfish
  • Have a daughter named Darla
  • Sail on the sea

The start is easy, choose to be born in Australia, and then get Sydney as your starting city. Just grow up a bit and get prepared for the upcoming parts of the Finding Nemo Challenge in BitLife. When you get through the first few stages of life, focus on your grades as they will be important later.

Release a Goldfish

Head to the Pets section and buy a Goldfish, you can find this under the Pet Store option. Simply buy it and release it to move on.

Become a Dentist

Becoming a Dentist in BitLife is just like any other advanced career. You need to focus on keeping your Brain stats up and getting good grades. Spend as much time Studying and Going to the Library as you can before you age up, and keep at it. Keep the library visits and studying up as much as you can, your other stats don’t matter too much. Keep that routine up through High School as well.

When you reach University, make sure your character goes for a Biology Degree, as that will be necessary later. Here’s the basic pathway to being a dentist:

  • Have high Smarts
  • Go to University for Biology
  • Graduate and go to Dental School
  • Apply to become a Dentist after graduation
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Just follow that path, and you should be fine.

Have a daughter named Darla

Having a kid with the right name is the easiest part, as you just need to name them that. As you age up, start relationships with the opposite sex and get going on dates. When you finally date and marry someone in-game, you can then use the Relationships tab to choose to have a kid. When you do, hopefully you have a daughter, or you might have to try again. Once a daughter is born, name them Darla. And let’s be honest, Darla was adorable, if a bit destructive. So once you’ve named the kid, you’re almost done.

Getting a Boat

First, you need a boat license, which you need to be 18 to get. You will also have to pay a small fee to take the test. Look under Activities and look for the License menu. There will be three options there, choose Boat. Now you need to pass the boating test.

You will need to buy a boat for this next part. Under the Shop section of the app, head over to Assets and then scroll to the bottom. The bottom should have various boats for sale. That will cost around 50,000 to 2,000,000, so bring the currency by the boatload. It might take a few years to save up enough on your dentist’s salary, so just be patient.

Once you have the license and your boat, you’re ready to go. Once you’re ready, head out into the high seas with your family via the Assets menu and the boat options you have. That should complete the challenge.

There you have it! You’re done with the Finding Nemo Challenge in BitLife.

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