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BitLife is a game with a lot of options. You can live your life any way you want. You can be a pilot, but you could also be a useless layabout, but where’s the fun in that? Anyway, here’s a task that you might want to put in front of yourself, earning your boating license in BitLife. This is something you need to do if you wish to own a boat in the game. Here’s how you can do it.

Let’s assume that you’re working your way through adulthood and have a nice career for yourself. Let’s also assume that you’re already 18 in-game, that takes care of part of the issues with earning your boating license in BitLife. You will need to be very wealthy to afford the more expensive models, so keep that in mind.

First, you need a boat license, which you need to be 18 to get. You will also have to pay a small fee to take the test. Look under Activities and look for the License menu. There will be three options there, choose Boat. Now you need to pass the boating test. You will be asked to pay a fee and when you take the test, you will be asked a random question. Once you answer the question, you can obtain your boating license and can move on.

Boating License test answers

Here is every possible question you should be asked during the test for your boating license, and the answers to each one.

  • From what side of the vessel should you NEVER anchor?
    • Stern-side
    • Weak-side
    • Port-side
  • What is the minimum distance you should keep between vessels?
    • 30 Meters
    • 10 Yards
    • 69 Feet
  • Which vessel should give way in this scenario? (Sail boat)
    • Power Vessel
    • Scrawny Vessel
    • Wind Vessel
  • Which vessel should give way in this scenario? (Two parallel boats facing inward)
    • Left Vessel
    • Slower Vessel
    • Shiner Vessel
  • Which vessel should give way in this scenario? (Two diagonal boats)
    • Submissive Vessel
    • Faster Vessel
    • Both Vessels
  • What does the “Swim Area” sign signify?
    • Exclusion Area
    • Swim Meet
    • Divers Ahead
  • What does the gas pump sign signify?
    • No Combustion Vessels
    • No Gas Tank
    • No Engine Fan
  • What does “Max KW/H” sign signify?
    • Power limit
    • Max Wattage
    • Engine Power
  • What does the “Max Km/h” sign signify?
    • Speed limit
    • Max Horse power
    • Power Limit
  • What does the red and white “SLOW” sign signify?
    • Controlled area
    • Slow donuts
    • No Wake Zone
  • What is the required type of fire extinguisher for a standard naval vessel?
    • Type B1
    • Type R2-D2
    • Type BD-1
  • What does the Diagonal white line flag mean?
    • Diver
    • Runner
    • Floater
  • What does the Orange and Black  Square and Circle flag mean?
    • Distress
    • Private Waters
    • Altert Level Orange
  • What is the minimum required number of flares you should have on your vessel?
    • Three
    • None
    • Two
  • What side of the buoy should you pass the Red buoy?
    • Mooring Buoy
    • South-side
    • South-side
  • What side of the buoy should you pass the Green buoy?
    • Starboard-side
    • West-side
    • Bow-side
  • What kind of buoy is the yellow buoy with an anchor?
    • Mooring Buoy
    • Smokers Buoy
    • Swimmer Buoy
  • What kind of buoy is silver with an orange top?
    • Anchorage Buoy
    • Caution Buoy
    • Mustard Buoy
  • What is the name of the back side of the boat?
    • Stern
    • Tail-end
    • Bow
  • What is the name for the left side of the boat?
    • Port
    • Left-hand
    • Starboard
  • What is the name for the right side of the boat?
    • Port
    • Right-hand
    • Starboard
  • What is the name of the front of the boat?
    • Bow
    • Just the Tip
    • Stern
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You will need to buy a boat for this next part. Under the Shopping section of the app, head over to Assets and then scroll to the bottom. Click the marina or Yacht Dealer and see what’s for sale. The menu should have various boats for sale. That will cost around 50,000 to 2,000,000, so bring the currency by the boatload. It might take a few years to save up enough on your salary, so just be patient. If you’re wealthy though, why not buy two of them, just because.

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