How to Complete the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife

We’re back with another guide for a weekly challenge in BitLife. Previous challenges had you trying to become a viral hit, or maybe turning into a mad supervillain. This week is a bit more simple. You just need to own and bet on horses. It’s a bit more involved than that though, as it takes a fair amount of time and luck to get right. The biggest hurdle is getting the big outlay of cash you need to get started. Here’s how to Complete the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife

  1. Own an Equestrian Property
  2. Own 5+ horses
  3. Name one horse Secretariat
  4. Win bets on 5+ horses

Getting tons of cash is your first step. The best way to do this quickly is to be born into royalty. You need to get very lucky to have this happen. If you don’t have the patience you need to instead focus on a solid education. Having a good degree and a high-paying job is key. Maybe consider med school. Save up around $2 million for starters, as you need a big chunk of change for the Equestrian Property.

Equestrian Property is marked in the Real Estate tab by a green grass icon. Look for that. Be warned, it can cost up to $5 million to buy a large one. Since you need five or more horses, you need a pretty big place to put them all. To check what’s in stock, hit up the Assets tab and select Go Shopping. Grab the largest one you can afford, but be sure to hold back around $200,000 to buy your horses too.

To buy horses in BitLife, you need to open up the Activities menu and select Pets. After you buy the Equestrian Property, horses should show up here. Go ahead and rename one Secretariat while you’re in the Pets menu as well. Repeat the buying of horses until you have five, now it’s time to bet.

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Head into the Horse Races option on the Activities menu. You need to spend $10 to get in, but once you’re in, you can bet freely. If you picked a good horse, based on its stats, you should be OK to bet on your horse with small amounts. You can also bet on horses you don’t own as well to complete the challenge. Once you have won five bets, you will have completed the Kentucky Derby Challenge in BitLife.

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