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Rage 2 showcases story, weapons and more in PAX East gameplay

Rage 2 PAX East 2019 Gameplay

Bethesda was on-hand during PAX East to announce a bunch of details about their new and upcoming games. And while the company may have disappointed some gamers with an announcement that Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield would not be showing up at E3 2019, the developer/publisher still had plenty of good news to share.

For one thing, Rage 2, the chromed-out and brightly colored shooter set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, was being shown off with some fairly comprehensive detail. id Software and Avalanche Studios had a fair bit of fun making the game, and now gamers are about to have a ton of fun blasting their way through the wastes.

The longer of the two segments focuses much more on action and more chaotic gameplay.The big focus was on a couple of key areas of gameplay. There’s lots of new abilities in Rage 2, all mostly focused on either offensive or defensive layers to make the player character the most-badass they can be. There’s a bunch of different attacks for different situations, like Vortex or Ground Slam which are great for AoE. The newest gameplay footage also showed off some of the dynamic encounters and the vehicular combat that dot the game world. From blasting your way through roadblocks, to racing around in monster trucks, Rage 2 has it all.

This was of course not the first time Bethesda had shown off such vehicular mayhem. The shooter also got a similar spotlight in a factions gameplay trailer a while back. Speaking of factions, we got to see more of these psychos and wackos in the latest gameplay footage as well.

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The shorter of the two gameplay segments from PAX East focused much more on the setting and story of the game, fleshing out what’s actually going on in this crazy world. The game picks up a fair bit after the events of the first game, but the story from the first game is fairly well laid out in the new game. That way new players won’t be lost.

But here’s the gist of the story. A series of wars called the Authority Wars over control of the hyper-advanced Arcs have rocked the landscape, and thirty years on, the conflict still simmers, and at times boils over. Various factions vie for power, with the actions of the player in Rage 2 having some significant impact.

Check out both segments of gameplay down below. Rage 2 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 14, 2019.

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