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Overcooked 2 launch trailer brings a horde of brain-eating bread for dinner

Overcooked 2

Team17 has revealed a new trailer for Overcooked 2 that shows off some of the new quirks and insane chaos that the game brings to it’s potluck of destruction.

Ghost Town Games’ renowned multiplayer title, the original Overcooked, brought a whole load of joyous chaos that gamers really enjoyed. From having to contend with your idiot friends who keep lighting everything on fire, to having to toss potatoes across truck-based kitchens as they sped along a highway, the original game was wonderful. And that particular brand of weirdness only got better in the sequel.

This new trailer has a little taste of that influence as it opens with what looks like you’re trying to cook dinner for Dr. Frankenstein in a basement kitchen filled with the undead. Replete with a particularly green sourdough, or maybe a partially-rotted Paratha. Zombie bread, it’s zombie bread.

The trailer then takes us on a whirlwind tour through other kitchens across the land. A tranquil sushi bar, what looks like a steakhouse in Wonderland complete with magic portals, and many more kitchens and restaurants all over the Onion Kingdom. If you’ve ever wanted to grill hamburgers in traffic or cook spaghetti on the high seas on your way to rescue Tom Hanks, this is your game. In short, the game looks like a ton of fun.

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Overcooked 2 is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Check out that awesome new launch trailer down below.

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