How to get the Antibiotics recipe in Fallout 76

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Chems are a huge part of the Fallout franchise lore-wise. Players who have spent time in the wasteland will know full well the benefits of chems. From RadAway to help keep you detoxed, to StimPaks to patch you up, they have their uses. And with Fallout 76′s focus on trading and crafting, things took a turn. Players are now chasing down Chem recipes and materials to fuel their drug industry.

Buffs and healing items are a big part of combat in the game. There are recipes like Psychobuff that offer a big boost in combat. But when you’re dealing with incoming damage, you often get hit with various status effects. And some healing items will be needed to deal with that. Antibiotics are used to cure diseases and infections, and that’s very important. Eventually, you’re going to have to handle these infections. The recipe will be pretty important, use this guide to learn how to unlock the Antibiotics recipe in Fallout 76.

How to get the Antibiotics recipe in Fallout 76

First, let’s talk about actually making the item itself. You will need the following materials to make the healing item:

  • Three antiseptic
  • One blood pack
  • Two disease cures
  • Two purified water
  • One Stimpak

The best way to get the item is to head out and do certain quests. There are a few areas that have the recipe as a reward. You can head over and do the Personal Matters and Earth Mover quests to get the recipe itself. Various public events can also reward the recipe. Lode Baring, Breach and Clear and Battle Bot all award this recipe. That’s probably the easiest way to unlock the Antibiotics recipe. Another very quick way to obtain the recipe is to farm daily quests and event missions in the Ash Heap. This area is located in the southern section of the map.

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What other places can you find the Antibiotics recipe in Fallout 76?

There is also a possibility to get the recipe as a world spawn, which is kind of inconsistent. You can find it in any Mirror container out in the world. So that means checking in dressers, vanities and other cabinets in residential areas is pretty useful.

You may also get the recipe from certain vendors around the game world. It’s possible to find the Antibiotics recipe in Fallout 76 from Scavenger Traders that appear in your C.A.M.P., and there’s also a chance to find it from the generic Traders. If you want a more consistent spawn within the game, head ot the MODUS Medical Terminal in The Whitespring bunker to find the item as well.

Once you finally have the recipe you unlock the crafting of antibiotics at a chemistry station.

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