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Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2021 – All Events

Wintersday 2021

Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2021 has been rolled out via a patch to the live servers. ArenaNet loves its seasonal events in Guild Wars 2. The most recent run of events in the game was the Shadow of the Mad King, and it went great. With all the new and old players alike enjoying the sweet and spooky fun. Now, ArenaNet wants to round the year out with a festive bang. Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2021 is on, and ongoing, until January 4.

How to start Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2021

Just head to the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. The events will be scattered throughout the city. If you’re having trouble, check your mail, there should be a notice there explaining where to go.

All events

Here are each of the events that run during Wintersday 2021 for GW2 players. Completing these quests can award meta-achievements and Karma for long-term players looking to earn more rewards that way. Event-specific skins and items are also handed out in the events. Daily rewards will also be a thing for certain events, like handing gifts out.

  • Ho-Ho-Tron – Two returning group events are occurring this year. Inside the Crown Pavilion, players must donate gold coins, totalling 10 Gold, to the Ho-Ho-Tron. This will then lead to the second group event, where players must escort the robot through waves of foes.
  • Mount Races – Once again, you can race mounts for prizes.
  • Bell Choir Ensemble – This rhythym game is a non-combat encounter and players must repeat the notes they see to earn rewards. There are four stages, each with a lower, middle, and upper sections. Players can talk to the Snowman to travel to other stages and pick which section to play, if available. Colored spheres will float across the stage, you must play the note when it reaches you.
  • Orphan Support – Orphaned children found around Divinity’s Reach are asking for gifts. You need to get toys to them each day to collect free rewards.  Several Orphans are located around Divinity’s Reach, hoping a generous player will pass out some Wintersday gifts. Players can gift their extra Ugly Wool Sweaters, Ugly Wool Socks, Ugly Wool Hats, or cheap Wintersday weapon skins to make gifts to hand out. Players will need to purchase a Roll of Wrapping Paper from the Charity Corps Seraph, and then use the wrapping paper and the gift item together.
  • Tixx’s Infinirarium – This location has two events as part of the Wondrous Workshop. The first event is a wave-based PvE brawl. The second is a blend of PvP and tower defense.  The entrance to Tixx’s Infinarium is located just west of Crown Pavilion Waypoint in Divinity’s Reach.
  • Secret Lair of the Snowmen – This is the Strike that headlines Wintersday 2021. Jolly Donny and his evil group of miscrent snowmen are trying to gather forces to take down the forces of good. Unleash wintery hell upon them, and drive them back. The catch is, this dungeon is mostly about chucking snowballs.
  • Snowball Mayhem – A fun and friendly snow war between players. The first team to take out other players and earn 500 points wins. It’s a CTF-style game where you score points by stealing and returning presents to your base. Players must choose between 3 combat professions: Supporter, Scout, and Heavy Gunner. Speak with the Festive Lionguard next to the Royal Terrace in Divinity’s Reach to join a match
  • Winter Wonderland – The unique Wintersday Jumping Puzzle. The Winter Wonderland can be entered by talking to the Festive Youth in the Crown Pavilion area and selecting the option “Yes, let’s do this” or by using the portal on the large peppermint above him. Both the Festive Youth and the portal can be found south of the Crown Pavilion Waypoint.

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