How to Work as a Barber in Prison in BitLife

How to complete The V Challenge in BitLife

There’s a new challenge, the V Challenge, in BitLife. The new challenge once again takes after previous challenges, borrowing something prevalent in pop culture, and making a task out of it. This new challenge is much more niche, but still pulls from a very popular media property, V for Vendetta. By taking after the legacy of the conspiratorial Guy Fawkes, things are taking a dark turn. The new challenge has you intentionally going to prison this time, and you even have to get a job as a Barber in Prison in BitLife.

How to Work as a Barber in Prison in BitLife

First you need to land in prison. You will already be robbing banks and committing crimes, so this part is pretty easy. Just keep doing bad things until you get caught. Once you land in prison, you’re basically good to go. Just choose the Prison menu and look for the Job option. If you can’t get the right job to spawn, close the app and try again. If that doesn’t work, try aging up and applying for a new job.

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To work as a barber in prison in BitLife, players will need to find the prison jobs tab and select Barber as their prison job. You now need to spend five or more years behind bars, cutting hair, while you serve your time.

Once you’ve served enough time for five years to pass, you can move on. It’s time to start a riot and break out.

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