How to tame and ride Llamas in Minecraft

What is Adventure Mode in Minecraft?

Llamas in Minecraft are one of many passive mobs that can be used for different purposes. Llamas can be seen being dragged around by Wandering Traders, or they will be in Savannah, Windswept Hills, or Windswept Forest biomes. Llamas will spit on you though, so watch out. After you tame them, they can be ridden, or just kept as pets. You can, of course, ride them around as well if you just want a trusty steed.

How to tame and ride Llamas in Minecraft

To tame a Llama, you will need to interact with it with an empty hand. If you try to ride it while not having tamed it, it will try to throw you off. Keep trying to ride it and eventually you will be able to tame it. To give yourself a better chance of taming it, you can feed it either ten Wheat or five Hay Bales. Doing so will make them more amenable to you.

Llamas may not be as readily available as Horses in Minecraft, but you can still ride them around. Because Llamas can not be directed where to go while riding them, you will need to put a Lead on them to move them around. They can then be led around to Traders and other things. This is also useful for when you need to move them to a new pen to keep them safe.

Getting mobs in Minecraft to go to areas you want them in can be difficult if you can’t direct them or ride them around, that’s where a lead comes in.

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How to make a lead in Minecraft

To make a Lead in Minecraft, you will need a Slimeball and four pieces of String. The String is easy to get, provided you can kill some spiders. The cobwebs and other sources can often be found in mineshafts and other locations, just break those for string as well. Slimes can be found all over the world, and are the only common source for slime balls. You need to beat the Slime until it breaks into smaller Slimes, then take out the smaller ones. Sometimes, you will force some of the smaller Slimes to drop slime balls.

When you have your Slimeball and four String, go to a Crafting Table. The crafting recipe for the Lead includes putting the Slimeball in the center slot and the String in the bottom right, middle left, top left, and top center slots. Doing this will give you two leads.

There are also a few other types of cute critters you can raise and mess around with in Minecraft. Axolotls are really friendly aquatic creatures you can raise and keep as pets.

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