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Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield won’t be at E3 2019

Elder Scrolls VI Teaser

Bethesda might be having a fairly rough time with public relations after the blowback from the technical disaster that was Fallout 76. It now appears that the game creator is holding back on their two most anticipated titles, Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield. Todd Howard, director at Bethesda Game Studios, has now confirmed that both The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield will not be seen at E3 2019.

The company announced the somewhat disappointing news during a panel at PAX East this past week, revealing that these two upcoming titles just weren’t ready to be shown. It’s understandable to not tip their hand a bit too early as Bethesda has probably learned a hard lesson with over-promising gameplay from Fallout 76.

With these two titles having been announced in 2018, gamers and fans are desperate for more news. And although both games are under active development, it’s been pretty scarce in terms of details, so I wouldn’t expect much in terms of a release date, footage or other details anytime soon.

It’s unlikely we’ll get a release for either of these games in 2019 anyway. There is a slim possibility of a late 2019 release for the Elder Scrolls 6, but since Starfield has been confirmed as a game targeting the 2020 and beyond console generations, there’s a possibility that both games will fall into that category.

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But just because these two high-profile titles won’t be appearing, Bethesda wants you to know that they’re still bringing plenty of great games to the E3 convention. DOOM Eternal is expected to show off some footage at the event, as is the continuation of the shooter franchise, Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Bethesda could be holding these two games back for their own proprietary livestream later in the year, although this has not been confirmed.

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