How to Become a Dentist in BitLife

How to become a pilot in BitLife – Airline captain guide

Becoming a Dentist in BitLife is just like any other advanced career. You need to focus on keeping your Smarts stats up and getting good grades.  Keep the library visits and studying up as much as you can, your other stats don’t matter too much. Keep that routine up through High School as well. Here’s all the details you need to get this career, or pretty much anything else if you want it.

Become a Dentist

School is very important. Spend as much time Studying and Going to the Library as you can before you age up, and keep at it. You will want that to be much of your routine when trying to get any advanced career, not just being a Dentist in BitLife.

When you reach University, make sure your character goes for a Biology Degree, as that will be necessary later. Here’s the basic pathway to being a dentist:

  • Have high Smarts
  • Go to University for Biology
  • Graduate and go to Dental School
  • Apply for a job as a Dentist

The cost of these things means you’re probably going to have to put some time in. But just keep studying up and you should be fine. Aim to have your Smarts around between 80% to 100% at all times. This can not only help you get your degrees, but can help with not taking on debt. You could get a sports scholarship if you also put the time into being an Athlete in your early schooling, but that may not work. You could also get an academic scholarship as well.

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Just keep at it and eventually, you will succeed. Those high Smarts will be a big help. You have to get through Dental School, which is much harder than a normal college, but just be persistent. The tasks will require about the same level of Smarts, so keep that in mind.

After graduation, go into the Jobs section under Occupation and get going on that Dentist’s career. You will now be able to drill teeth with the best of them. As long as you kept up your academic pursuits, you should have no problem landing the job.

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