Where to get the Pump Action Shotgun in The Last of Us 2

Where to get the bow in The Last Of Us Part II

There are many different weapons and puzzles hidden with The Last of Us Part 2. And since some of them are quite dangerous, you will need some serious weaponry to contend with all the threats. There is one weapon that you will really want to get for dealing with the tougher enemies, he Pump Action Shotgun in The Last of Us 2. This terrifyingly effective weapon is very useful against bosses. There’s limited ammo for it scattered around the game, so use it sparingly.

If you want to figure out how to get the Pump Action Shotgun, follow this guide. We’ve marked the building you need to get to in the image below. It’s part of Seattle, so you know what part of the game you’re going to be dealing with.

Where to get the Pump Action Shotgun in The Last of Us 2

The Pump Action Shotgun in The Last of Us 2 in the Seattle part of the story. Around the same time you find the bow and arrow, you will encounter the Westlake Bank. There’s a gate blocking progress to another part of the city, so you need to deal with that. And on the way, you can pick up the shotgun. There are a bunch of city streets here, head to the junction of 6th Ave and Cherry Street and you will find a collapsed building. Inside that building is a tunnel that leads to the Westlake Bank.

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You will need to fight your way through quite a number of enemies here. The main lobby of the bank has a bunch of enemies, possibly half-a-dozen or more spread all over. You will have to take them down first before moving on. There is a back portion of the bank building that leads to a door, which further leads to the vault.

Said door is locked with a combination lock, the solution to which can be found inside the bank on a scrap of paper. The combination to the bank door should be 602306.

Open this door and there should be a body nearby holding the Pump Action Shotgun.  You will have to battle your way through more enemies to return to the main lobby and leave the bank. Now go enjoy your newfound weaponry.

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