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Path Of Exile: Harvest Guide

Path Of Exile: Harvest

The release of Path Of Exile: Harvest will bring Path of Exile 3.11 to fan’s laps. The new expansion is centered around the Sacred Grove, a mysterious zone in a new world, filled with shadow and mystery. And in quite the change of pace for POE, it’s all about gardening to create some horrid creations.

Oshabi is the new NPC for Path of Exile 3.11, bringing players some more lore about the Azmeri and a pathway to the new mechanics. When you first meet Oshabi, they will talk about the Seed Caches and their potential. You can use the new expansion to craft unique gear upgrades, fight three different bosses and a lot more.

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General Tips

  • You can go back to the grove via Waypoints, and can place the Seed Stockpile in your hideout.
  • Pick up all seed caches, the more options you have, the better crafting results you get.
  • Harvest as many seeds as possible at once, this gives more crafting options per run.
  • Condensed Lifeforce is what is used to feed higher Tier Seeds. this is different from the “raw” Lifeforce used for crafting.
  • You have to use “raw” Lifeforce to create Sacred Grove infrastructure, always craft some Pylons or other item with every harvest.
  • Seed use the other “colors” of Lifeforce, so Yellow seeds need either Purple or Blue Condensed Lifeforce, and so on
  • Pack in your infrastructure as tightly as possible, this minimizes the amount of Dispersers and things you need.
  • The easiest setup is to place a series of Dispersers for each needed type of Lifeforce by each Collector.
  • If you make a mistake placing Seeds or infrastructure, just Ctrl+Left-Click to remove it.
  • If you get an error about instances when trying to remove something, just spawn a new instance of the Sacred Grove by leaving and returning via Ctrl+Left-Clicking the icon in the Waypoint
  • Any Seeds picked up will lose their gained Lifeforce.

Seed Caches and the Sacred Grove

While adventuring around the game world, you will occasionally find Seed Caches. Taking them on, you have two choices. You can gather up the seeds and then decide how you want to proceed. If you want to harvest them, you need to head to the Sacred Grove. From there, you can plop your seeds down into the plot or hold onto them. Players can hold up to 48 Seeds at a time.

Keep in mind that popping Seed Caches counts as a grow cycle, and this is how you advance time within the Grove. When you’ve planted Seeds, hover over them in the Grove to see their growth time, Lifeforce, and type. You can also mouseover it in your inventory when collected to see this. This popup will also display info about crafting options too. Keep this in mind for when you get to the more complex Tiers.

Each seed has a monster type associated with it, and players can plop them into plots in the Sacred Grove to mature them. Plant your seeds and build a Collector. The collectors have 3 purposes. First, they will harvest any mature plants, causing them to spawn related monsters. Second, the Lifeforce will be gathered from the plants. Third and finally, Lifeforce is used to craft gear upgrades.

Path Of Exile: Harvest Seed Caches


There are four main types of infrastructure: Collectors (harvests your plants and lets you craft), Dispersers (uses Condensed Lifeforce to grow higher-tier plants), Storage Tanks (holds more Condensed Lifeforce) and Pylons (used to connect pieces of your infrastructure).

You have to use the “raw” Lifeforce from a harvest to make these items, so it’s best to do your crafting first, create a batch of Pylons or other infrastructure, then condense the remaining Lifeforce. More on condensing and crafting later in the guide. And yes, you can store the crafted infrastructure in your inventory.

When you want to move into higher Tier seeds, this is where things get complicated. You will need to set up Storage Tanks, Dispersers and Collectors for each Seed type. And keep in mind that each seed uses the other “colors” of Lifeforce, so Yellow seeds need either Purple or Blue Condensed Lifeforce, for example

The best way to setup this system is to drop the Collector, then place a Pylon one block out from the Collector. Then near that Pylon drop both a Storage Tank and Disperser. Make sure to use the right kind of Condenser Lifeforce for the Seeds you’re growing. There’s a small button above each piece of infrastructure. Click this first to attach the Pylon to the Collector, and so on. You will notice that each item has a glowing outline that denotes its connection range. For Dispersers, plants fed by these must be within that glowing outline. Once you have the Disperser down, click “auto disperse” above it to have the game handle connecting it to the plants around it.

Here’s a visual guide for the optimal, but expensive, layout for full Collector coverage:

Path of Exile Harvest Garden Layout for Tier 2 and 3 seeds


Lifeforce is the blood and water of the new expansion, it’s everything. You collect it from your plants and store it for later use. Lifeforce is also pumped around into a network that helps feed your plants. And aside from that, it’s vital for doing crafting this league. The new enchants will be locked behind various requirements, and need Lifeforce to slap onto your gear.

Wild, Primal and Vivid

With each tier of Seed, the difficulty of the monsters, and the Lifeforce generation, changes. The three base tiers with Wild, Primal and Vivid. Each Tier can drop Seeds on tier higher, up to the Tier 3 seeds dropping from Tier 2 plants. Wild, Primal and Vivid each also have their own collector. For Tier 1 seeds to grow, you need to pair them with the Collector of the same type. Tier 2 Seeds need a bit more though. This is where the Disperser and Condensor come in.

Players must connect their Collectors to a network of Dispersers and Condensors to feed Lifeforce as a form of irrigation. Yes POE has irrigation now. Careful management of Dispersers and Condensors will involve placing them in the right way to maximize space. And you can probably get a little creative too.

Seeds have multiple Tiers, with Teir 1 seeds found out in the wild. The Tier 1 Seeds you find will go right into the Seed Stockpile. Tier 1 Seeds should just be automatically planted for best results. Do this by clicking the Collector’s hand icon. This automatically plants all Tier 1 Seeds around the Collector. You need the Collector to harvest Lifeforce, so there’s no use to planting Tiers randomly around the Sacred Grove.

When you have a block of planted seeds, you need to have at least 6 or so fully grown Seeds to be able to trigger the harvest. The harvest button will be greyed-out if you don’t have enough grown seeds. When you harvest, there’s a chance that the mobs you kill will drop seeds 1 Tier higher.

Tier 1 Mobs >> Tier 2 Seeds >> Tier 2 Mobs >> Tier 3 Seeds >> Tier 3 Mobs >> Tier 4 Seeds


Crafting item modifiers and upgrades in Path Of Exile: Harvest will offer some very interesting options. GGG has not shown off everything publicly yet, but there are some metagame implications. The preview images we’ve seen suggest being able to rework existing modifiers, like replace Cold damage with Fire damage. There’s also some gambling-esque options in there.

As you store up more Lifeforce and unlock more powerful seeds, your crafting options will expand. You can rework sockets, change stacks of currency into other currency, and much more. Seed crafting is very diverse, check out our Seeds guide for POE 3.11 for all of the crafting options.

Path of Exile: Harvest Seeds Guide Collector

After you have unlocked the Harvest, a troop of mobs will spawn based on the Seeds planted. And these mobs will be locked to the level of the zone you found the Seeds in, so be aware of that. Once you have defeated the mob packs you click the icon above the Collector to open the crafting system. The resulting menu has all the crafts you’ve unlocked, and a total amount of store Lifeforce that you have. The types of crafts depend on the colors, Tiers and types of seeds used in that harvest.

Place an item in the window on the crafting window to apply crafts to it. Once you’ve finished crafting, be sure to condense your Lifeforce afterwards, this stores it in your Tanks for later. This Condensed Lifeforce is what is used to feed higher Tier Seeds. this is different from the “raw” Lifeforce used for crafting. So yes, you have to spend any Lifeforce on crafting when you get it, so it’s better to have as many Seeds harvested at a time as possible.

As a sidenote, you can also create more infrastructure via this same crafting menu.

You can store Lifeforce with the Hortacrafting station, but it costs 1,800 Lifeforce.

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