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Battle royale meets Mad Max in Fractured Lands – Beta incoming

Fractured Lands, a new battle royale game from Unbroken Studios, has joined the messy fray that’s ongoing in the genre. The team behind this new title includes ex-COD and Battlefield devs, so there’s a pedigree for quality there which hopefully transfers well to this new project.

In this game it’s not a vague electrical storm that’s forcing players into conflict, a giant radioactive sandstorm is closing in, and you’ll have to fight to survive. The theme of a Mad Max influenced battle royale game is an interesting twist. Fractured Lands also takes a page from the likes of H1Z1 Auto Royale and puts a massive focus on vehicular combat. Throughout the course of a match you’ll find different vehicles that you’ll need to outfit with various armaments to use to vaporize your enemies.

Overall, this new game will probably struggle to find a place among the crowded genre. Let’s just hope that the gameplay elements are unique and engaging enough to develop a small and loyal fanbase.

Check out the announcement trailer for the game below. Fractured Lands is headed for an open beta, starting in a few days on June 8.

Fractured Lands is an experience that epitomizes our passion for this genre but also exemplifies both our experience in developing some of the best shooters in the world and our craving for something innovative, intense and gritty,” said Paul Ohanian, Chief Executive Officer, Unbroken Studios. “We’ve got so much on the horizon in terms of new content and features, including other last one standing modes, but most of all we’re excited to have gamers join the beta and directly impact our development.

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