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Battletech intro cinematic released

Harebrained Schemes’ Battletech is heading to war on April 24, and to hype up the launch the developer has released a video that shows the intro cinematic for the game. Check it out below.

Explore the epic tale of how it all began. Watch the BATTLETECH Intro Cinematic Trailer now.

With just one week to go until Battletech launches on PC and Mac, (A Linux version is on the way too) fans are ravenous for more details about the heavy metal strategy game. The game’s story is particularly appealing to fans as it has a good mix of fast-paced combat and methodical strategic choices. The campaign puts players in the role of mercenary company in the year 2765 as the noble houses at the forefront of humanity are waging open war once again. It’s be up to you to decide how that war plays out. Are you up to the immense challenge?

If you need some more Battletech goodness check out more preview trailers, or maybe one of the cool story trailers.

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