How to Unlock the Training Room in Monster Hunter Rise

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The Training Room in Monster Hunter Rise is a key part of honing your skills. Without the danger of a hunt, it’s a great way to try out new weapons and find what feels right. Each set of attacks plays differently, so take the time to learn before hunting more dangerous foes. But since this is an entirely new setting, it might be confusing to figure out where the room actually is.

Just like previous Monster Hunter titles, you can use this room to train your Hunter. It’s very easy to test out various combos and weapon choices here. When you get into the Training Room in Monster Hunter Rise, you will notice a few things. The combo UI is your first clue that things are a bit different here. The more frantic combat in this game necessitates a more robust combination system for various attacks. Make good use of the Training Room to learn this stuff, it can save you in a hunt.

How to Unlock the Training Room in Monster Hunter Rise

You can access the Training Room via the Buddy Plaza in Kamura Village.  To reach the Buddy Plaza is very simple, here’s how. Start at the Item Box and turn to the left. There’s a short bridge ahead that leads to a cave. Head there and then you’re inside. If this is your first time inside, you get a short scene. Now you can head to the Training Room proper.

There will be a shoreline ahead of you with a small boat sitting at the water’s edge. You will know it by the painted purple symbol on the sign in front of it. interact with that boat by pressing A to get to the room.

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Now you can test out combos and weapon choices as much as you like. When you’re done testing things out, you can leave via the dock near the Item Box or just leave via starting a Quest on the Quest Board.

You can also make changes to your character in the Item Box. This allows you to get into different item sets to make changes for testing purposes. This makes it so much easier to get into the swing of things with various weapons. There are many different weapons to wield in the game, so you want to take them for a spin. Take the time to review your weapons and armor skills to achieve the best fighting potential you have. You can swap things out by using the Manage Equipment option, and then selecting Change Equipment,

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