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Diablo 2 Resurrected gambling is one of several unique mechanics in the reborn RPG. The system is designed in a way that players can turn the mountains of gold they pick up into a special item. Items you gamble on have a chance to be magical or rare, making this an interesting way to spend your gold. Diablo 2 Resurrected adds some new twists to the system, and this guide will explain all of that.

How to access Diablo 2 Resurrected gambling

Here are the NPCs that offer Diablo 2 Resurrected gambling from their interaction menu:

  • Gheed in Act I
  • Elzix in Act II
  • Alkor in Act III
  • Jamella in Act IV
  • Nihlathak or Anya in Act V

Interact with any of the NPCs listed above and you will need to choose the GAMBLE option. This will open a new vendor menu with a bunch of unidentified items inside.

There’s no definitive answer as to when to gamble since it depends on what you’re trying to gamble for. The best way to approach is to know what base item you want, and what area level the modifiers you want drop in. If you’re after a specific modifier, it’s best to exceed the area level that the item drops in normally when gambling. So if you want a modifier that’s restricted to level 35+ zones, you need to gamble with a level 35 character.

Common mistakes that persist from the old version of the game include the assumption that buying out the gambling screen increases the odds of unique items spawning, it does not. Also, drop level is determined by characters. The quality of items is determined entirely by the level of the character used when gambling. Though you can encounter many vendors who offer D2R gambling, the zone level does not affect the outcome. Players in a level 30 zone at Clvl 50 will get the level 50 drop table.

Tips for D2R Gambling

Many players will try to chase that rare sword or unique chest item, but there’s a big problem with that approach. Most of the items you find in gambling won’t have the modifiers you want. It’s much easier to just craft the piece you want using Rune recipes for sought-after stuff. There are some items you can chase via the vendors that are very much worth it.

If you’re making gear, knowing how to socket items can really be a huge help here. We have a full guide on Runewords in D2R if you want, it can be a huge help. The D2R system requirements have also been revealed. Not that you would need to check, but it can’t hurt to be sure. There are plenty of other things to learn about in this reimagined game. The Shrines seem to be confusing some players, for example.

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Anyway, back to the point. The best items to gamble for in D2R are usually accessory items. These small items can be used by any character, and have some of the best mods in the game. Faster attacks and casting are pretty common on these items. Some players like to run MF or magic find builds, and these items often can have helpful mods for these builds. You can also get raw stat and resist increases as well.

Here are the best item types to gamble on in D2R:

  • Amulets
  • Circlets
  • Coronets
  • Rings

Also, it’s a good idea to know the odds you’re playing against. The majority of items you get from Diablo 2 Resurrected gambling are magic.

  • Unique item – 1/2000 (0.05%)
  • Set item – 2/2000 (0.10%)
  • Rare item – 200/2000 (10%)
  • Magical item – 1797/2000 (89%)

If you intend on putting a lot of gold into this, it’s best to invest in items that reduce vendor prices. Vendor pricing modifiers will affect the NPC gambles as well, and there are a few mods that can help with this. Gheed’s Fortune is a unique Grand Charm that can reduce vendor prices by 15%. You can also try to get the Edge Runeword on an item that also has this 15% reduction.

The Gheed’s Fortune Charm is the only unique item of its type in D2, and is very hard to get. Monsters starting from Act I in Hell difficulty onwards can drop this item.

The Edge Runeword is a level 25+ Runeword made from a 3-socket recipe. Players can make this on a bow or other nonmagic missile weapon. Its word is TirTalAmn. So you need to use a Tir Rune, Tal Rune then finally an Amn Rune in the cube with the item to be enchanted.

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