Where to find a Heart Scale in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Getting a full Pokédex can be a lot of work. A bunch of games in this franchise love to lock evolutions behind extra work. For some evolutions in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you need to grab and use certain items. The game has a lot of this stuff going on. The Heart Scale in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is a very useful item. You can use it to teach Pokémon old moves. As you level up a team member, they learn new moves. Sometimes you lose an old move to learn the new one. You can then use a Heart Scale to bring back that old move. Here are the methods you can use to find a Heart Scale in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Get a Heart Scale in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

There’s a Heart Scale on Route 212, nearby to Pastoria City. The item you’re after is found after the tar pits, Head towards the top-left of the zone to find it near the big tar pit. The second in-game one can be found on Route 214 heading south from Veilstone City. The Heart Scale is found inside the fenced-in grass area near the stairs.

You can also get multiple Heart Scales mining within the Grand Underground. That’s the best method for most Trainers. The goal is to dig away the dirt and get the fossil.

Once you visit the Underground Man in Eterna city, you get the Explorer’s Kit. You can use that to dig down into the underground. When exploring the map, look for the orange nodes. These are the mining mini-game. You need to use the hammer to dig out the dirt around the different bits of loot. The game only lasts so long, so keep alternating between your tools to clear away dirt.

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Aside from evolutions and other stuff, there’s a lot of things you can do to complete the Dex. Changing a Pokémon’s Nature is one of many ways you can breed for success in this game. And if you’re hunting Shinies, that’s a lot of extra work too. If you’re a shiny hunter, there’s a good chance you are using something like the Masuda method to get it done. That means you probably have a lot of excess monsters in your boxes. If you want to make management of your teams easier, get that Box Link.

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There’s a lot to learn about this game. You might want to learn a bit about Affection bonuses. There are also tons of evolution stones and other items you need to hunt for. Pokémon swarms are back as well, adding another layer to capturing rare monsters. When you want to explore the Grand Underground, you’re going to need a lot of Digger Drills.

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