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Leak: Sort Dragon’s Internal Alliance update related to TC0 Drama


The piece below was written by Sort Dragon, CEO of DARKNESS.

Last night was a long night and resulted in only about 3 hours sleep for me. Last night resulted in the loss of the biggest on pure member base for dark, if I am honest it has been a long time coming for many different reasons I will get onto some of them in a bit here but first I would like to address some of the uncertainties that may have come up with this action taken against T-C-0. I have in the past made some blatant mistakes in leadership areas where I and the people under me have paid dearly, one of those being leadership of the Honey Badger Coalition, one can say I let the power get to my head and I opened my stupid mouth in public even after repeated calls from my now wife to just shut up and I will regret this. Since the fall of the HBC I have vowed to do and be a lot different to then. Due to reasons you can all find out online I ended up in prison during the start of this year and for anyone who has been inside you get a lot of time to think. Unfortunately in eve you are always remembered for your misgivings not for the good you have done, I am not saying I am a saint and there is a reason for a lot of people to hate me in this game but the two things I vowed when I took over the leadership of this alliance was 1 I would listen to my wife more she knows nerds well and 2 I would use all the experience I had good and bad to make the best alliance I could with what I had. This is a work in progress…

Now on to TC0, it is really important to know that some of the members in this corp are some of the best pilots we have in this alliance. I would like to make note of 1 particular person in TC0 who if it wasn’t for him our srp would not have gotten done for the past 6 months his name is VallheruCZ. The reason we got to this place is simply because of the worst corp CEO I have ever met it in this game, MarekCZE was worse then even I at my peak of egomania I used to and to an extant still a massive ego. Marek however believed that he was gods gift to the alliance and unfortunately did not have much to show for it. The issues myself, Vigilanta and other CEO’s had with Marek are numerous, they include racist and rude insults levelled at multiple ceos, threats to shoot other corps in the alliance, threats to shoot blues and worst of all his complete inability to follow the direction all the other corps were. This alongside with his argumentative nature in ceo meetings and other forms of communication was eroding any last friend Marek had in other ceo’s and directors in alliance these already I could count on just 1 hand. The strongest supporter of Marek was Vigi himself who with his big heart believed with working with the directors in TC0 help to calm Marek down from being such a dick to everyone he came in contact with. It is important to note Vigilanta didn’t exactly like Marek he just believed the corp could be saved.

By early December even Vigilanta had enough with Marek, I was getting upwards of 8-10 messages a week from marek about his current demands from the alliance. It is important to also know that in mid November Marek had decided to leave the alliance with his corp due to dark moving to delve and him not liking blood raiders because dey be scary. After he had agreed to go he then begged to be aloud to stay, I in my moment of stupidity allowed him to stay even after calls from multiple people who knew and did not understand why.

We now bring ourselves to current day and the events of last weekend. On friday night myself and vigi had a 4 hour long meeting which covered both what we would discuss on the ceo meeting in under 24 hours and the agenda. This then turned into TC0 and do we still want to deal with this and Marek in another CEO meeting, we spent nearly 3 hours weighing the pros and cons of keeping TC0 or losing Marek in the end the corp could not stand up with enough merit to beat an obnoxious childish shitlord of a CEO. It was decided that Vigi would log on saturday morning just before going to his weekend class and we would give him a weeks notice to move out. Saturday morning came and vigi was late, it was an ohshit moment due to me not wanting to do it without a witness and someone to see I wasn’t just being a dick and his word against mine. Vigi finally arrived and we gave Marek the news, instead of him taking it calmly and accepting it or at least being a little frosty he went on the offensive calling Vigi a stupid american who can just not take people being honest around him, it is important to remember that it was me who has actually told him he was kicked and vigi had been his strongest ally up until nearly 2 weeks before. Me being known for my short fuse exploded on Marek, telling him if he didn’t keep this amicable like it needed to be for his members then I would log in imediatly and boot his ass out on the curb, Vigi then left for class and we all went back to our corp channels.

Sorry this is taking so long but we now bring ourselves to the actions of last night, through multiple sources since Saturday I had found out that marek was applying to cfc alliances, this in itself was not an issue I had no issue with this, his attitude is well known in n3 and so the chance of him getting in any alliance in this coalition was slim and due to a lot of stainwagon having been in dark before they too knew how he was so his only real option was coven or the cfc. Anyway back to the CFC side, again there was no issue with him joining the cfc, the issue I had was with the rumblings of him looking for a way to awox members in dark with anyone willing to take up his torch. This had started to worry because especially with us on a break week this week if someone was to get dropped our response time would be seriously lacking. During a meeting with myself and the leaders of Kadeshi we were given a copy of mails one of Marek’s directors were sending out regarding plans for the future. This worried both us and Kadeshi so the decision was made by myself to remove the corp from alliance and set them blue for 24 hours giving members a final chance to move out. Marek was notified and Kadeshi set him +10 so they could still dock in hm- station.

In true Marek style he lashed out at anyone and everyone that would listen calling myself all kinds of names and that this was the mistake of my life and blah blah blah, this I could take but the real reason TC0 was then reset is instead of marek doing the smart thing he should have he instead did not set Dark/Thor blue instead his remaining loyal followers started camping, the actual reset came after a Kadeshi hauler was killed next to hm- in Nol. I was on TS with LTD Spacepig and Agame as this happened and the decision was made that nothing good would come of this so I notified them to reset them. At the same time this happened Ladrien who had been hauling all of Marek’s personal assets out of Delve got wind of Mareks plans and decided to inact his own revenge stealing Marek of close to 40 of his personal assets.

Following this I got notified by Marek that once a convict always a convict, this is true for sure. I was born in Australia my father was Irish damn straight I am a convict. Jokes aside I am glad Marek is gone even if we as alliance will lose some useful pilots and some good pilots.
Please if you have any questions about this post if you managed to read it all then feel free to post it below.
I apologise for the drama and I apologise for the horrible spelling, grammar in this post.

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