How to Find a Village in Minecraft


For a variety of Minecraft game mechanics, players need to find a village. The trading and combat mechanics of more recent updates are often centered around these villages. There’s also a great source of food in most villages with the farms that often spawn there as well. Villages in Mincecraft can also give players an edge with free materials for crafting. These spawn completely at random, so it all comes down to luck whether you find one reliably or not. That said, you can tilt the odds in your favor by knowing the mechanics that govern how they spawn.

Where to Start Looking for a Village

Here are the Biomes that spawn a Village:

  • Snowy
  • Tundra
  • Savanna
  • Taiga
  • Plains

If you don’t want to wait around or spend time looking, there’s a cheat you can use. There is a Minecraft console command that will automatically give you the coordinates of the nearest village. You can use this in Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition. Just open the command window and input “/locate village” to see the coordinates you need. Then, you can use the Teleport command to move to those coords you just got.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about finding a Village in Minecraft. We’re going to skip over cheats to do it and talk about how to find the location the normal way.

How to Find Villages on Foot

You need to know biomes by sight. Luckily the wiki has a full article with visual examples of each biome. Refer to the list above and find the nearest example of the biome in that list in your game. This is the method for finding Villages in Mincecraft you want to use if you have a ton of free time. It can take plenty of time to walk around and explore while finding one of these important locales.

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One tip to speed up finding a Village is to use a Seed you know. Seeds are the randomly generated alphanumeric string that tells the world generation algorithm what kind of world to generate. Seeds can be found online, or you can use one you have before, that way you have some indication of the kinds of biomes that will be in your world. This could speed up the manual search a fair bit.

Also, keep the “Large Biomes” option toggled on, as this gives you some extra room for Villages to spawn in-game.

How to Find Villages in Creative Mode

Creative Mode is the best thing to ever happen to Minecraft. The ability to spawn all of your tools and materials makes the creative aspect of the game incredibly easy and fast. But if you’re playing in a more normal experience, there’s some use for Creative Mode even if you’re not doing some complex build. The ability to fly around the map makes travel exponentially quicker and it means exploration is far faster than the normal mode of walking everywhere.

Just use the tips above for finding the Villages on foot and combine them with flying. Of course this is basically cheating to some users, so it’s a personal choice.

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