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Farming Simulator 19 showcases new animals and rideable horses in new trailer

Farming Simulator 19 Animal Gameplay Trailer

Giants Software just released a new trailer for Farming Simulator 19 which showcases many of the new gameplay aspects for the agricultural game. In this latest case, we get to see some of new animals that will part of the farming at the core of Farming Simulator 19.

Throughout the course of the trailer, we see a lot of new furry and feathered beasts for farmers to make a profit on.

We get to see a female farmer riding a horse as she travels from animal to animal, the rideable horse a first in the franchise. These horses are part of a wider gameplay loop that allows players to raise and train high-end horse breeds for plenty of cash. The horses you don’t sell directly can be used to transport resources and move equipment across your farms.

There’s chickens which can be sold for meat, and they also produce eggs which are worth a bit. Farmers can also raise herds of cattle to produce meat and dairy products aplenty. All of these animals come with their own needs, and seeing to that is an effort onto itself.

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All of this produce is set against the backdrop of a dynamic in-game economy that changes to simulate supply and demand. Players will have to adapt to this in order keep their farming efforts above water.

The game includes a massive roster of branded items which players can use to grow all manner of crops. With more that 300 vehicles and tools available in the game, and dozens of crops, there’s a huge amount of variety that adds a ton of replayability and customization potential.

Farming Simulator 19 releases on November 20th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the newest trailer for the farming game down below.

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