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EVE Online alliance Skill Urself to disband

Trillions of ISK destroyed in X47L-Q

A relative newcomer to the NullSec scene in EVE Online, Skill Urself is gearing up to shut down operations at an alliance level, setting the stage for a pretty major shake of the eastern part of NullSec space.

The northeast of NullSec, often colloquially referred to as the Drone Regions due to the presence of Rogue Drone NPCs, has long been home to rental empires and a constantly warring balkanized political situation led by Russian-speaking alliances. Back in early 2018, Skill urself (INGME) formed specifically to take part in the Alliance Tournament, a CCP-run PvP event where the best alliances would compete in a tournament bracket for big prizes. After the most recent Alliance Tournament, Skill Urself set their sights on taking sovereignty in NullSec. Skill Uself mopped the floor with Legion of xXDEATHXx, the alliance who sheparded the massive rental empire of the Drone Regions.

By brokering an agreement with other powers in the area, Skill Urself were able to take space across three different regions, setting themselves up with a goldmine of both personal space and renters eager to hand them ISK. They had completely evicted the Drone Regions Federation and setup a nice little pocket that they held dominance over, until today.

Areas in the upper corner marked skill urself are an area of New Eden to watch

According to leaks posted on the EVE Reddit, there are multiple reasons for this shutdown, with chief among them being tantamount to burnout.  Alliance leader Capqu had a few different reasons cited as motivation, from friends leaving the game, to EVE no longer being fun, as motivation for disbanding the alliance.

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The current plan is to hold an Alliance-wide meeting on Monday to discuss the plan with the leadership of all Corporations within the alliance, and then to allow moveops to happen by next Friday which would allow pilots time to find a new home after evacuating assets from previously held space.

This effectively leaves significant chunks of Oasa, Perrigen Falls and Insmother open for the taking. It’s likely that there are backroom deals in place to transfer power to other Super Capital-capable groups in the area for safekeeping, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see some small-scale conflict as systems change hands or are snapped up before they can be transferred.

As for the members, it’s hard to say what their future holds. Some corporations will fold into other alliances, such as Higher Than Everest who plan to join Fraternity. Though with Fraternity locked in a war with elements of Legacy coalition, not everyone from this sinking ship is likely to follow them.

And with the ongoing war between the Imperium and PanFam over the nearby region of Tribute, anything could happen as more Alliances and Corporations encounter burnout and other issues. We’ll just have to wait until the dust clears to find out how all this breaks down.

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