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Project Zomboid

Many different skills exist in PZ, and each one can be useful in its own way. The skills in the game, like Mechanics, each have their own methods for leveling. Each one has its own recipes or effects. Players must learn what each one does for a few different reasons. Having the knowledge of how skills work can be helpful in building a character, which is great if you’re into roleplaying. Even if you’re just into min-maxing, there’s still some use to be found.

The way skills work is that they each have a levelling system attached. Players gain XP by using the skills, and unlock new elements. There are many types of skills, related to both combat and crafting proficiencies. Your base stats also come into play. The effects of weapon proficiencies are additive with changes coming from other sources such as moodlets, Strength or Fitness. So in short, having higher skills makes you better at fighting and surviving.

What is Maintenance in Project Zomboid?

Maintenance in Project Zomboid is one of the more esoteric skills in the mix. The name is the most confusing part. Players often don’t know what it relates to, but I’ll tell you. A higher Maintenance skill increases the chance for any weapon to not lose condition when used. This is super helpful when trying to trek deeper into the ruined city around you.

To level Maintenance up in Project Zomboid, you will need to simply use weapons or tools in the game. The skill directly relates to the use of bladed weapons and implements, so that’s a big clue.  The hardest part of doing this process is making sure the weapon isn’t too degraded. If a weapon degrades while using it, it stops awarding XP.

The fastest way to handle leveling Maintenance in Project Zomboid is just to cut down trees. When you’re ready to begin, head out and try to find a bunch of fire axes. Check firehouses, garages and storage complexes. The crates and shelves in these buildings often have axes in them. Grab as many as you can and go clear-cutting.

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Best place to find a Sledgehammer in Project Zomboid

Another option is to get some Chipped Stone and Tree Branches to make a ton of Stone Axes. These are much weaker than fire axes, but are certainly more plentiful. Just craft a bunch and go to town. Your skills will be maxed out in no time.

This also has the added benefit of gathering wood. You can then use that to level up other skills, like Carpentry. It’s even possible to get enough resources together to build a nice base and sturdy walls.

Being able to build your own base is just the start. You need to prep the area and keep it well stocked. Before you go out on that supply run, make sure you’re well prepared for what’s to come. Basic tasks like boiling water are key to survival. You must know how to build defenses too. Cleaning up after yourself after all the zombie slaying is a good idea. You don’t want a bunch of blood hanging around. Burning corpses is also a great thing to do. It’s a good idea to learn how to deal with cuts and burns as well, which can keep you alive.

Finally, it’s a great idea to know how to alter the game settings, like removing zombie respawning. That can be pretty handy if you find the default game too hard.

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