How to get and use Primordial Affinity in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

You have different forms of currencies attached to every game, and in some cases, there are multiple different currencies you need to keep track of in a game. With Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, you will have to keep track of Primordial Affinity and gold. Primordial Affinity is a bit harder to come by than gold, hence making it a higher priority in the game. It is pretty useful if you want to make your character stronger, especially if you want to reset your skills or rely on newer stats. Here are the basics of how to get Primordial Affinity.

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How to get Primordial Affinity

Primordial Affinity is not found easily like gold just lying around. You will have to go out of your way to earn it through playing the game and also by looting Enneracts off of enemies after you take them down. These are the first step in how to get Primordial Affinity.

Enneracts are items that contain new skills for your in-game character. If you start to use them, the enneract will disappear from your inventory, and your character will gain a new ability they can use in combat. They will not be able to use it immediately though. They will have to use the correct weapon, such as a pistol, bow, daggers, sword, a greatsword, stave, or an ax. You can only use the skills if you are using the proper weapon. When you find a duplicate enneract, you can return to Stormfall – Palace District and speak to Demetra. You can sell her your enneracts, and she will give you Primordial Affinity for your trouble getting them.

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How to use Primordial Affinity

There are two reasons why you would want to conserve your Primordial Affinity. A big reason to conserve them is that it’s the currency you use to reset your passive skills in-game. When you want a new build with your current character, rather than starting all over again, you can just use your Primordial Affinity to give you all of the points back and start over. The amount of Primordial Affinity you get is based on the number of passive points you use through leveling.

You can also use Primordial Affinity to level up your skills. Usually, you level up your skills by having them equipped to your character and taking out enemies, playing the game. However, you can also speed up the process and automatically level them by visiting Demetra in the Stormfall – Palace District and have her level them up for you. Based on what level the skill is when you speak to her, the amount you need varies. You will require more Primordial Affinity for a higher skill level than a lower-level skill.

You can also purchase skills from Demetra. You can get them using gold. These skills can be taught to your character to try them out when you want to develop a new build for them. Resetting your passives is a better alternative than consistently starting all over again with a new character.

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