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Halo Infinite could be split into multiple games

Halo Infinite being split into parts is possible

Phil Spencer has revealed something about Halo Infinite that could upset some fans. Halo Infinite‘s reveal and subsequent delay already upset plenty of people. The game was expected to be a major launch title on the Xbox Series X/S, but the game has now been pushed into next year. As the future of the game remains uncertain, fans are beginning to question what Microsoft has planned. There has been an ongoing rumor that Halo Infinite could be split into multiple games.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Spencer was asked about Halo Infinite. Spencer was asked directly about the prospect of the game new Halo title being splint into a new series. His answer was pretty evasive but did reveal it as a possibility.

The decision of what to do with the game is down to the developer and their plans. 343 Industries hasn’t made any determination yet, at least as far as we can discern. The company has been dealing with a lot of delays relating to both generally troubled development and COVID-19. The future seems at least a little uncertain.  “So, yeah, I think that’s something to think about, but we want to make sure we do it right.”

The delays suffered by the title, pushing it out of launch window of the Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft will be desperate to get the game out the door. Although that is certainly the case, I can’t believe that the publisher would rush the game into releasing in a buggy state. Although it’s still possible given the state of AAA gaming in 2020, and it’s overreliance on crunch and a five-year roadmap. This toxic mixture has led to some notable AAA failures like Anthem that were rushed to market in a broken and unfinished state.

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There have been other signs of trouble with the game and its development. Ex-Bungie writer Joseph Staten was brought on in August to lead the writing team for the game, suggesting that those elements are still left unfinished. Although with the reliance on multiplayer for previous games, there’s less focus on that.

It could be that the multiplayer functionality could be deployed as a standalone game, with the story deployed over multiple “episodes”. This is pure speculation though.

Halo Infinite is set to launch on PC and Xbox consoles in 2021.

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