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Path of Exile Harvest League Perfect Garden Layout

Path of Exile

So the new Harvest league is really interesting. Having a gardening system in this game is a really weird, but strangely fitting move for GGG. The new system needs a bunch of components that you have to build. Our POE Harvest guide lays all of this out in much more detail. Read that then come back over here to find out what the best Path of Exile 3.11 perfect garden layout is. You will also want to check out our POE Harvest Seeds Guide for the optimal Seed crafting setup.

OK, all done? Now, start harvesting Seed Caches. For this layout to work you need all that you can get. And while you’re building up your stocks, be sure to be continually using your raw Lifeforce to build as many Tanks, Pylons, Dispersers and Collectors as you can handle. You’re going to need a bunch. Here’s the breakdown of what you need for each color of Seed:

  • 10 x Collectors
  • 10 x Dispersers
  • 29 x Pylons
  • 52 x Tanks

The Path of Exile 3.11 Perfect Garden Layout is pretty complex, and it will obviously take some time to setup. It’s very advisable to look at our other POE 3.11 guides to make sure you’re aware of the basics of the league before undertaking this layout. With three different varieties of Seeds in POE 3.11, you need a ton to Tier 1 Seeds. You will be building almost two dozen T1 Seed plots to get started. Starting to get the idea of how big this project is now?

The Path of Exile 3.11 perfect garden layout is hyper-efficient and leaves enough room in the Sacred Grove for all the infrastructure you need to build out your dream garden and harvest the maximum amount of Lifeforce. If you’re a crafter, this is the goal you will need at some point in the league, because there are some really powerful crafts here.

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This guide was posted on the Reddit forums by user esk213. Check it out below.

Path of Exile 3.11 Perfect Garden Layout

And since folks have asked for it, here’s guide showing which Gardens to connect to which infrastructure. Each one is laid out by color, with the white lines showing which connections to make.

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