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Ori and the Blind Forest confirmed for Switch

Ori and the Blind Forest Coming to Switch

As part of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase at Gamescom this week, fans of various games got some great news from the big N. Not only did Superhot get confirmed for coming to the portable Switch, yet another excellent game is making the jump to the on-the-go platform. That new title is Ori and the Blind Forest.

Ori and the Blind Forest was an Xbox-exclusive at one point, bringing an incredibly engrossing experience. The version coming to Switch is the Definitive Edition, a re-release of the game from 2016 that added new areas, new abilities, and new difficulty modes. The base game and the Definitive Edition offers a simple story about an unlikely hero. The dying forest of Nibel is beset by a mysterious menace, and Ori is on a mission to rid his woodland home of this evil influence. Along the way the beautifully realized world comes to life with a dark and dreary art style that’s basically a masterclass in environmental storytelling. As the world collapses and explodes around you, the intensity ramps up, ultimately leading to a crescendo that marks Ori and the Blind Forest as a game for the ages, an instant classic.

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According to Nintendo, the new port will be coming to the Switch on September 27th. This title joins a ton of other ports and new titles coming to the Switch in the next few months. Nintendo is really pushing hard to get their console into as many hands as possible. It’s great to see so many titles coming to the platform. If you don’t already have a Switch, now may be the best time pick one up.

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