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Superhot out on Switch now

Superhot JP Reveal 1

Superhot Team has revealed the next phase of their plans for their namesake title, Superhot. And with this port, you can take one of the best puzzle-solving action titles ever made on the go. Now the flashy and deceptively simple visuals come to a new home.

Superhot originally released in 2016 for Windows, Mac, and Xbox One. Following that, it released in VR in Dec. 2016 and for PlayStation 4 in 2017. This indie classic is a wonderful combination that offers an amazing mix of shooter mechanics and slow-motion gameplay to actually create a rather compelling puzzle-solving experience. Since its release, people have really enjoyed that experience, making it a wonderful pickup on any platform.

The devs released a simple launch trailer for the Switch version, which you can see below. You can get it on the eShop right now. On the US store, the video game will cost $24.99.

In other news, Superhot Team is hard at work supporting other developers off of the back of their success with this game. The company recently announced a support initiative aimed at indie developers called Superhot Presents. Knuckle Sandwich and Frog Detective are confirmed to be two projects being supported in some way by Superhot Team. There are also other games in the works as well, which is great.

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