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How to earn the Oblivion Island Token in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Guides

Being a new MMO, there’s a big and varied map in Lost Ark. But departing from most MMO conventions, there’s actually a lot more depth than one would expect. Of all the different systems, the game has a lot to offer. It would seem the team has taken cues from both other genre competitors, as well as other open-world games. With all that variety, comes a lot of unfortunate player confusion. Players new to the genre, or this specific type of MMO, may be a little confused. These Lost Ark Guides aim to help with that.

The Island Token in Lost Ark is an item that players are questing pretty hard for. There are many kinds of currency like this in Lost Ark, as is par for the course in MMOs. This guide will help you understand where to go to find the right token.

Where to get the Oblivion Island Token in Lost Ark

Islands in Lost Ark are typically T1 end game content. They act as a high-end PvE challenge that players can go to, mostly to take on world events. There are actually many different types of Island Tokens. You can only get this token in particular from the Oblivion Isle. The Lost Ark Oblivion Isle is located just north of the Arthetine continent.

The hardest part is timing your visit, as the islands like Oblivion are on a timer. The island doesn’t even show up every day. Note that there is no consistency between these islands and the available dates. You basically just have to journey around and check on them each day. You can check for the event spawns each day using the Procyon’s Compass under the minimap. You also need to be sure you’re prepared before you make the journey. Adventure Islands range in Item Level from 250 to 460.

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Doing this endgame content can earn the player tons of rewards. Each boss you take out rewards not just Island Tokens, but also Card Packs, Engravings, Pirate Coins and honing equipment. To earn the Oblivion Token, you need to defeat Sea God Aporas. When the first player in that instance spawns in, a three-minute timer starts. After that timer finishes, the boss spawns. Players need to rush to the marked location to fight the boss. Before players can damage the boss, they need to destroy three Aporas trees that also must be destroyed around the arena.

Once you defeat the boss, you can get the Token you’re after, as well as the Aporas Card.

The Lost Ark Oblivion Isle is another one of the game’s adventure islands, with each one having a unique boss. Here’s the full list of each Island you can find Tokens from:

  • Asura Island
  • Drumbeat Island
  • Forpe
  • Harmony Island
  • Lagood Island
  • Lagoon Island
  • Lush Reed Island
  • Medeia
  • Monte Island
  • Oblivion Isle
  • Opportunity Isle
  • Phantomwing Island
  • Snowpang Island
  • Tranquil Island
  • Volare Island
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