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How to Get Basaltic Clay in Final Fantasy XIV

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Basaltic Clay is one of many new items found in Patch 6.1 of FF14, and players are running all over trying to find it. So why are so many people after this item? That’s because it’s used in some of the constructions for Gingerbread items, as well as a few other schematics. So keep reading to learn more about where to grab this item, if that’s you.

How to get Basaltic Clay in Final Fantasy XIV

The Basaltic Clay location is actually found in a pretty easy-to-miss spot. There are a couple of quests that will give you the item you need. The item description gives you a clue: “Pitch black in color due to its rich density of minerals, this clay is found only in the deepest parts of the sea.”

You can get Basaltic Clay in Final Fantasy XIV through Voyages from Subaquatic Deployment Sectors. These can be a little hard to get your head around, and take a fair bit of time, but it’s the only way currently in the MMO to get this item.

Here are the details on the best location:

  • Crow’s Drop – Discovered via Sirensong Sea 2
    • Sector – G
    • Required Rank – 95
    • Difficulty – Two
    • Exp – 2,820,919
    • Reward – Five to Eight Basmatic Clay
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if you want Basaltic Clay in Final Fantasy XIV the fastest way possible,  There is one other location you can check within this same zone. The other version is in Sector L, and is discovered via Sirensong Sea 4. This will give you various kinds of Logs, such as Integral Logs and Horse Chestnut logs, but also a small amount of Clay.

You need ship Rank 95 for the Crow’s Drop quest, while you need 99 Ship Rank to obtain the drop from The Beak.

And that is how you can get Basaltic Clay in Final Fantasy XIV. Following the steps above, you should be able to get through another step of the Endwalker expansion and Patch 6.1 with no problem.

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